Pieter Lerooij (BE)


In his ironic oil paintings, Pieter Lerooij confronts the viewer with bizarre and surrealistic scenarios whose protagonists are anthropomorphic animals.

Pieter Lerooij’s artistic research led him to experiment with different techniques such as etching and painting. Through different media, Leroij explores similar subjects.
The artist confronts the viewer with bizarre and surrealistic scenarios.

The protagonists of his pictures are anthropomorphic animals, acting like humans. The theatrical compositions of Lerooij’s pictures show irony about society, hitting the viewer on a subconscious level.

Both in his etchings and in his paintings, Lerooij manages to create a new world, a new imagination, made by creatures with animal heads and human bodies that play humans and are involved in the most absurd actions.

                                         Pieter Lerooij

The oil paintings Lerooij presented for Fresh Legs 2020 offer a great example of the absurd world the painter creates. For instance, in  “The Jury” a man with a wolf head submits a dog to a jury made of men with monkey heads. These creatures proceed to check the dog and seem to give their opinion about his physical appearance. Lerooij’s compositions make the viewer reflect about society and human beings’ nature.

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                                               The Jury                                                                                 Tholen Passing By