Max Kling (DE)


Kling’s black and white photos depict everyday scenes, focusing on overlooked aspects of life. The ordinary is reduced to its essence: structures, light and shadow and traces left by people.

Max Kling is a street photographer based in Frankfurt. He started his career in advertising and then, after more than thirty years, his focus moved to black and white street photography. Kling’s photos depict his hometown and the people living there.

The main interest of the artist is depicting the ordinary, showing the everyday life of Frankfurt and focusing on situations and aspects that are under everybody’s eye but that we might not actually see. In Kling’s photos, nothing is staged, the city of Frankfurt and the life of its people is presented as it is.

The photographer gets inspired by what he sees everyday going around the city and he compares his seeking for inspiration to the seeking for something particular at a flea market. Kling goes around the city paying attention to everything he sees but looking for something to catch his attention. The photos look spontaneous and depict the real essence of the ordinary: structures, light and shadow, contrast and traces left by people.

Max Kling

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