Exhibition Discoveries ll

Discoveries ll 
Galleri Heike Arndt DK presents 11 very talented artists from Finland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Italy and Japan at the coming exhibition opening in 
Galleri Heike Arndt DK Kettinge November 1. 2014 at 3 p.m. 
About the exhibition:
Dear art friends. Galleri Heike Arndt DK shows this years last big international exhibition.
This year’s special invited artists are: Dorit Trebeljahr – sculpture (DE), Niall Dooley – painting (IR/DE), Eeva Honkanen – drawing (FI), Kjersti Mortensen – installation (NO), Anastasia Savinova – drawing (RU), Katrin Siegert – mixed technique (DE), Luca di Maggio – street art (IT), Giuditta R – drawing (IT), Stig O. T. Fredriksson – painting (SE), Takuya Kurihara – drawing (JP), Maria Persson – drawing (SE). They are all the very pick of the past year’s exhibited artists in Berlin. Some of them are already represented at museums, while others are still untried.
“Discoveries II” follows the footsteps of previously exhibitions but simultaneously finds new and unexplored ways. The eleven artists will take you to a landscape full of prodigious paintings and drawings, innovative installations and challenging sculptures. Their motives, techniques and materials create tales that will make you both smile and feel alarmed but at the same time occasion you to reflect about the contemporary time and human beings as such. You will discover a new world of urban vibes, poetic colouring and playful humour.
So come! Join us on a journey out in the modern world and into the nooks of human minds. You will definitely have fun!One of our returning artists, Takuya Kurihara, has over a period stayed and looked for inspiration in Kettinge at the residency of Galleri Heike Arndt DK. This is a new initiative that you can hear more about in the future.
Maria Persson (SE)
Maria Perssons’ works of art possess a characteristic idiom and manner of painting. Rich colouring, details and dynamic seem to form a synthesis when she – under the influence of street art – let her illustrations wind their way into the mind of the viewer. Maria is both illustrator and a graphic artist, and has illustrated several children’s books, latest the Swedish book, “Var ska Myrre bo?”. Read more about the artist here.
Niall Dooley (IR/DE)
Niall Dooley’s colourful and figurative drawings use visual metaphors to point out the paradoxical and neglected aspects of living in the modern society. The universe is surrealistic and sometimes absurd. Thereby Dooley manages to question the communicative-, social and environmental issues in a humorously manner.Lesen. Read more about the artist here.
Eeva Honkanen (FI)
Eeva Honkanen is a Finish artist who at present time is settled in Helsinki. In 2010 she graduated from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. Subsequently, Eeva has worked as both artist and illustrator. Eeva Honkanen is represented in our gallery with her great art piece, “Out of Harm’s Way”, that operates in the borderland in between illustration and drawing. The work of art is a fantastic inferno of figures that shows a bubbling fantasy and an attention to details. Read more about the artist here.
Kjersti Mortensen (NO)
The Norwegian artist, Kjersti Mortensen, both has a bachelor in textile art and a background in media- and communication studies. Our gallery is the first foreign place that will show her colourful installations. By combining the concrete installation with abstract motives and lots of different materials and colours Kjersti manages to make the installation explode in dynamic forms. Read more of the artists here.
Anastasia Savinova (RU)
At present time, the Russian artist Anastasia Savinova lives and works in Uppsala, Sweden. Her art pieces have previously been showed in Spain, USA, Great Britain, and are now coming to Denmark. In her artistic work she balances in between different techniques such as drawing, photographing and oil painting. By looking at her works one can see references to architecture, geometrical forms and human conditions. Read more about the artist here.
Katrin Siegert (DE)
The German artist, Katrin Siegert, graduated in 2007 with a certificate in completion of art therapy and pedagogy and has subsequently worked as a artist and illustrator. Her illustrations, which are burned in wood, break completely with the traditional conceptions of how to make art. On these wood panelling she exemplifies the modern life through simple motives, such as a man throwing a Molotov cocktail or a woman eating noodles. Read more about the artist here.
Luca Di Maggio (IT)
Luca di Maggio is an Italian artist in search of equilibrium. Without claiming an objective truth he wishes to express his perspective of life. Expressive strokes and the street artistic dynamic materialize his soul and inner life into visual and tangible works of art. “Doing the things that everyone can do and adding a personal touch that comes from the heart and spirit”, Luca Di Maggio says. Through his passion for street art and the use of classical art techniques Di Maggio manages to establish a connection between the traditional- and modern artistic expression. Thereby he is capable of advancing street art to a sophisticated level. Read more about the artist here.
Giuditta Rustica (IT)
Galleri Heike Arndt DK: Distorted faces of children look like those on long forgotten photographs and make the encounter with Giuditta R’s art both disturbing and compelling. In her search for the dark and subconscious sides of the human mind and how they manifest themselves as tangible motives, the Italian artist use horror movie aesthetics and an expressionistic style. Often, her drawings have a touch of melancholy and mystery, and in that sense they seem to reflect the appearance of the subconsciousness. Read more about the artist here.
Stig Olav Tony Fredriksson (SE)
Stig Olav Tony Fredriksson is a Swedish artist who has exhibited and participated in cultural projects in respectively Finland, Norway and Sweden. Stig likes to work locally, and says: “My work often has an urban expression, and I combine my artistic skills with my interest in art-activism, recycling, public spaces, street art/graffiti and do-it-yourself.” Read more about the artist here.
Takuya Kurihara (JP)
The Japanese artist, Takuya Kurihara, makes acrylic paintings and drawings that explore our human universe. With delicate and light pencil strokes the lines almost seem to float, and thus one feels the artist’s Asian background. The combination of these floating lines and colours add a wealth of details to the paintings, and make them work as kaleidoscopes: continuously, they produce new images and tales in front of the viewer’s eye. With aroused curiosity the viewer, 
consequently, is taken on a voyage of discovery into the universe of Kurihara. Read more about the artist here.
Dorit Trebeljahr (DE)
Dorit refers to her sculptures as results of “das Spielen” (the playing element in our human nature) and as expressions for a “poeticized search for clues, with material, with language, with the body”. The playfulness is noticeable in her creations, where she twists the viewer’s mind by asserting the used material with other images and meanings than what may be expected.  The creations are saturated with a frolicsome play between colors, forms and quantity – all combined with a strong sense of rhythm and repeated patterns. Read more about the artist here.
Galleri Heike Arndt DK

Galleri Heike Arndt DK is a Danish gallery placed in Kettinge on Lolland, Denmark since 1989 and Friedrichshain – Berlin, Germany, since 2008. Friedrichshain is an old eastern German quarter, where the alternative and “authentic” Berlin is growing which makes it a very interesting setting. Galleri Heike Arndt DK considers it to be it’s main task to promote Nordic art in Germany and promote German art in Denmark.

Galleri Heike Arndt DK is based on a non-profit business model which means that we can select art on the basis of artistic criteria – neither on financial nor on commercial motives. We consider this strategy as our strength as well as our way to distinguish us from the more commercial galleries. Also, within this business model lies a hope for that the non-commercial art will be given a chance and that the artists, we promote get an opportunity to develop their art in an international context. Galleri Heike Arndt DK endorses an active and dynamic dialogue between the Nordic art scene and the art scene in Berlin often in collaboration with other galleries, museums and cultural institutions.Nordic artists and German-based artists are offered the opportunity to exhibit their artwork together, meet a new audience and connect with colleagues in cross-cultural projects.

We place great emphasize on the social function of the gallery as an open and dynamic platform between people and art. Next to our passion to communicate contemporary art, our gallery particularly frame an artistic and social meeting place through exhibitions and events and the monthly event Scandinavian Meetingpoint Berlin, for everyone who has an interest in Nordic culture. Our Berlin department is open all year and it is definitely worth a visit. Read more on: www.heike-arndt.dk.

We would like to thank Guldborgsund Billedkunstråd for the support.
We look very much forward to your visit at our exhibition opening November 1. at 3 p.m. Some of the artists will be present at the opening. You are very welcome to send our invitation forward to other art lovers.

Galleri Heike Arndt DK