Anastasia Savinova (RU)


Anastasia Savinova explores the tension between the logical and the spiritual through the representation of artificial and natural spaces and the human presence within them. Her body of works spans over a multitude of media, such as drawing, photography, collages and performances.

Her most known series is ‘Genius Loci’, a collection of images that captures the essence of a place. Savinova digitally combines site specific photographs of authentic architectural structures and landscapes, creating surreal and enchanted buildings. Each collage captures, as well, the incorporeal specific atmosphere of a location known as the genius loci.

This term in ancient Rome was used to refer to the protective spirit that they believed guarded every place. Her artworks thus combine corporeal and incorporeal elements, balancing between documentary and fiction which is effectively expressed by using collage as a medium. The resulting architectural structures become the magical homes of the essence of the spirit of the place.

Anastasia Savinova

 The tension between logic and spirituality is also expressed in her drawings  ‘Geometry of Organic’ series. In these artworks, Savinova reflects on the multifaceted essence of life, expressed both by geometric and organic forms. She approaches geometry as a binding presence shared by molecules as well as by immense entities such as the universe.

Savinova creates mixed-media images where human anatomy seems to emerge from a technical drawing. As the viewer doesn’t understand the logical steps necessary to construct such drawings, their geometry evokes the mystical. In fact, this series explores how geometry recalls both the rational and the spiritual as an expression of the sacred. This is because, in many cultures, geometry and its mathematical perfection are used to visually represent the divine. 

Savinova’s portfolio includes paintings as well. She is a multifaceted artist who continues evolving experimenting with various media.

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