Giuditta Rustica (IT)

Giuditta R (IT)

Giuditta R

Giuditta Rustica

Giuditta Rustica

The Italian artist Giuditta R has, for the last two years, divided her time between Denmark, Germany and Italy. She often depicts children in her drawings, which often carry a heavy melancholy and darkness. Her works reminds you of horror movies where children often is depicted as mysterious and manipulative, making you wander into a field of something unknown, something you can’t really understand.

Giuditta R (born July 21st,1984) is born in Messina, Italy, currently living and working in Copenhagen and Berlin, where persues a career in arts.

Giuditta is as a child in close contact with art as her parents are both artists.

Even if she starts to get comfortable with this medium since childhood, when spending hours each day drawing, Giuditta R specializes in the technique of drawing (graphite) on cardboard only in 2008 with the beginning of a new artistic production, a long series of drawings titled “Drops of Madness”. At the end of 2008 she completes her Degree and Master with first class honours at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania (Italy). Shortly before graduation, the artist enrolles in a study program in Copenhagen (Denmark), ending with the development of a virtual art project. Very taken by this experience, in 2009 Giuditta decides to move to the Danish capital, to experience the city in a deeper way and to create a greater network in the artistic field. After more than a year of uninterrupted production and self-promotion she has opportunity to exhibit in a group show in one of the most prestigious galleries in Denmark, Gallery Christoffer Egelund. That same year she also opens some collaborations in Berlin and Milan. In Berlin takes part to the exhibition “Christmas Palm”, going on in a new space, Freies Museum. In Milan she exhibits at the gallery Antonio Battaglia located in Brera district.

Giuditta starts her artistic career successfully showing her works in various international contexts, Denmark, Germany, France, Lithuania, Spain etc. as well as in Italy. In 2010, she spends a long period of residence and research in Berlin, experience that strengthens in her wish of pursuing her current research. In the same year the artist gets involved with the Danish Arts Council’s Intercultural Advisory Project, getting the assignment of a yearly mentorship: the Danish artist Anna Bennike, with who Giuditta partecipates to an international group show about interculturalism in Denmark. The show titled Generous Gestures takes place in the charming Centre of Contemporary Art, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, located in the heart of Copenhagen. Year 2010 ends with Giuditta’s solo exhibition in another Centre of Contemporary Art, SAK, in Svendborg (Denmark). In 2011, the artist shows many of her drawings in another big solo exhibition, this time in Italy, the Sala Dogana of the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa. In the same year the artist takes part on a selection and is chosen, along with other seven Italian artists, to participate the international Biennial JCE (Jeune Cretion Européenne) for contemporary and emergent art. The exhibition is opened in Paris in 2011 and is then moved around different contemporary art Centers and galleries of several European cities until 2013. In 2012, Giuditta R is discovered by an established curator named Basak Malone, who includes her work in the ‘New Collectors Book “, a unique New York publication which displays the works of a selection of artists from all over the world as well as the new tendencies of art worldwide. In the same year, Giuditta presents the project Drops of Madness in Copenhagen in a solo exhibition in Damp Gallery, located in the heart of the city.

Still in 2012, the artist spends another period of stay and research in another charming European capital, Prague in Czech Republic. Here she gets inspired by some artistic trends, for ex. the use of the sound media, used to accompany the bidimenzional production. In 2013, Giuditta presents the new production in a private art salon, the show room of the curator Tijana Miskovic, located in the center of Copenhagen, where she has occasion to show along with a group of established artists: Claus Carstensen, Ismar Cirkinagic, Odey Curbelo and Robert Mc Nally.

Giuditta R currently lives and works in Copenhagen, where she is engaged in new collaborations and where is still persuing her research about identity and self-knowledge through drawing, considering at the same time also the use of different media to use in occasion of the next projects and exhibitions.