Dorit Trebeljahr (DE)


Dorit Trebeljahr is a sculptor and painter. She is best known for her sculptures that playfully repurpose small materials and create abstract, delicate and weightless objects.

According to the artist, her creations do not conform into a specific concept other than the playful joy of creation and experimentation. Disregarding sculptural standards, her art is the result of free play with forms, shapes and colours combined with a strong sense of rhythms and repetitive patterns.

By assembling individually modest and small objects in complex forms, she alters their scale and their relevance. This allows her to enrich her materials with deeper meanings and shaping new images than what may be associated with the single elements. 

Dorit Trebeljahr

One of Trebeljahr’s favourite materials are acupuncture needles, which are assembled, folded and bent to create dainty detailed and patterned structures with organic appearances. 

Her sculptures share a great sense of lightness and frailty that make her art characterized by the impression of a light, effortless aesthetic. This is reinforced as many of her sculptures are exhibited suspended floating or on a high plinth. Such curatorial choice makes Trebeljahr’s sculpture appear as visions disconnected from a reality whose gravity they defy. 

In her drawings, she recreates a similar sense of delicacy by mixing different media and simplifying reality in fine lines and airy brushstrokes which recalls her diaphanous sculptures. The delicate and lyrical creations by Trebeljahr exceed the boundaries of traditional sculpture and should be looked as the manifestation of her personal poetry and of her metaphysical reflections. On the other hand, the abstract, wonderous shapes recall organic appearances with clear associations to natural designs. The biomorphic forms and the use of repurposed materials may connect Trebeljahr’s art to themes of ecological awareness. 

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