Dorit Trebeljahr (DE)

Dorit Trebeljahr (DE)

Schwanger mit Dreadlocks, Tischtennisbälle, Akupunkturnadeln, Heißkleber, Lack, 2012

Drachenschwanz, Fahrradschlauch, Metall, 80x60x160cm, 2009

Umhang (Teil des Krönungsgewands der Prinzessine), Akupunkturnadeln, Klebstoff, Lack, ca. 110x70x22cm, 2012-1

Berlin based artist Dorit Trebeljahr (DE) displays her delicate and ‘useless‘ sculptures. 
“There is no before and no after, in respect to my work. My work is a poeticized search for clues, with material, with language, with the body.“

According to the artist, the creations do not conform into a specific concept other than that they are all the result of “das Spielen”, the playing man. The playfulness is noticeable in her creations, where she twist the viewer’s mind by asserting the used material with other images and meanings than what may be expected.

The creations are permeated with a playful view on colours, shapes and quantity, combined with a strong sense of rhythm and repetitive patterns. By using a number of individually quite modest things in a larger scale, such as acupuncture needles, and turning them into something else, Dorit succeeds in creating striking “useless” sculptures.


Born in 1977 in Torgau/ Elbe, Germany
Lives and works in Berlin
2004 – 2010 Fine Arts – class of Prof. David Evison Universität der Künste Berlin
Solo Exhibitions
2012 “Medusentrocknung” | Galerie Hirschmann | Berlin
2011 Galerie Hirschmann Berlin
2008 Im Garten Göttin Berlin
Group Exhibitions (selected)
2013 Art Karlsruhe Galerie Hirschmann , Berlin
2012 Prolog 9 – a magazine release show Galerie der Kunststiftung Poll, Berlin
Sterne – Walden – Kunstausstellungen
Scope Basel Galerie Hirschmann, Berlin
Art/Architecture Galerie AEA, Berlin
Zwischenspiel Galerie Parterre, Berlin
Afrikanische Stelen im Kontext mit zeitgenössischer Kunst Galerie Hirschmann, Berlin
2011 Diffring Preis für Skulptur – Ausstellung anlässlich der Verleihung Villa Kult, Berlin
Prolog 8 – a magazine release show Lage Egal, Berlin
Prolog 7 – a magazine release show Villa Kuriosum, Berlin
2010 Update Art 2010 – 16 one-man-shows in cooperation with Art Forum Berlin and UdK Berlin Universität der Künste Berlin
Everybody learns from Disaster Villa Elisabeth Berlin
Prolog 6 – a magazine release show Galerie Parterre Berlin
Prolog 5,5 – a magazine release show ausland Berlin
2009 Fünfmalvier Universität der Künste, Einsteinufer Berlin
Komm nackt. Bring Bier mit. Schokoladen-Mitte e.V. Berlin
Prolog 4 – a magazine release show Galerie Parterre Berlin
2008 Works on Paper – a group show of the class of Prof. David Evison Universität der Künste Berlin
Prolog 3 – a magazine release show Königsstadt, Saarbrücker Straße Berlin