Kurihara (JP) – DK


Kurihara’s abstract paintings and drawings are an outlet for his subconscious. They are characterized by a vibrant explosion of contrasting colours and geometric patterns.

Although drawing was part of his upbringing in Tokyo, Kurihara never attended an art school and instead drew inspiration from his travels through Canada and Europe, and the artists he met along the way. He settled in Berlin, where he developed his artistic style and new techniques. 

Kurihara combines Asian and Occidental artistic languages in his artworks. The former can be appreciated in the fine lines and recurrent presence of negative black areas which recall dark ink similar to that used in traditional Japanese drawings and calligraphy. These black areas are contrasted by bold vivid colours, which recall neon-lights such as those that characterize Tokyo cityscape at night. 


Kurihara left Tokyo to escape from its hectic life. The buzzing, fast-paced experience can be found in his artworks, which often include small lines and geometric shapes that radiate from a core centre, and recall an explosion or many quick paced flows. 

His artworks are also influenced by architecture; in Kurihara’s work it is possible to catch glimpses of shapeshifting and fantastic urban landscapes inspired by the Japanese capital. From this perspective, the concrete coloured spaces of his paintings may represent the city’s architectures, counterposed by the bright lights of advertisements and shop windows and the fast paced movement of its inhabitants. In his works Kurihara unravels his mind and thoughts visualizing fantastic realities and creating abstract mind maps where figurative, abstract and geometric elements interact with one another. These fantastic subjects emerge out of a negative space and arouse the viewer’s curiosity through their wealth of detail. The audience is guided in a journey of discovery as new shapes constantly appear before their eyes like in Kurihara’s kaleidoscopic realities.

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