Maria Persson (SE/DE)


Maria Persson finds inspiration in street art to create drawings, prints and designs. Through symbolic motifs and expressive lines and colours, Maria Persson exposes in her creations a more idealized version of our society, which is in direct conflict with real modern society.

As an engineer, Maria Persson discovered drawing through her studies. As she learned more about design, forms, functions and colour theory she quickly realized that she has a strong affinity for art. Thus, as a start, she decided to create and illustrate a children’s book.

Now, Maria Persson works primarily as an artist with pen and paper. She gets inspired by street art and by other illustrators and artists in her community. She is drawn to the immense detail work in drawing with a pen. Her works are not inspired by reality but rather by a form of utopia. She combines certain forms and angles both from online and offline sources.

Maria Persson

These ideas come to her in the creation process: when she’s working on paper, images are building and rich details appear as she gets inspired. She fills out the missing lines and adds colours with fluid ink. The process goes constantly back and forth between the pen and the ink, as she’s adding more forms and dashes of colours to develop vivid visualisations of her ideal world.

Her background in technical design still remains visible through the usage of three-dimensional forms and from the calculations of different perspectives and angles. Her work brings together diverse elements that work together and develop distinct patterns. Thus, she creates art in a way which she finds visually pleasing by creating a world where the audiences are forgetting time and space. Through these ideas, her images develop, as organic forms are meeting geometric lines. She attributes parts of her artistic expression to her work as a graphic designer where she uses similar contrasting colours and lines. In addition to illustrations, she works on screen-printings, drawings and paintings. Her works have certain abstract elements that are mostly based on a dream world rather than on concrete things. She defines this fine line between reality and surreal by giving a twist to her images. The charm of her visualisations lays in the richness of the details and in the abstract forms that allow for more freedom of expression.

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