Group Exhibition

30.6.2012 – 31.08.2012
Julia Sand (DE), Takuya Kurihara (JP/DE), Michael Kain (DE),Henry Stöcker (DE), David Evison (UK/DE), Heike Arndt (DK), Poul R. Weile (DK/DE) & Sabina Grzimek (DE)

It is with great pleasure Galleri Heike Arndt once again invites you to a summer exhibition in Kettinge. At our annual summer exhibition we bring a breath from the international art scene to Kettinge. This year’s exhibition presents a string of international recognized, primarily German, artists, retrieved directly from our gallery in Berlin. The exhibition shows a wide range of sculptures, collages, drawings and oil – and acrylic paintings.

Julia Sand (DE)
The German artist Julia Sand’s art work themasises the mass productions eternal creation of material needs, where all the human feelings and relations take place within a supermarket environment. In the meeting with Julia Sand’s big collages, the viewer is confronted with the omnipresent noisy commercials and their immeasurable esthetics.

Takuya Kurihara (JP/DE)
Takuya Kurihara examines our human universe in his big acrylic paintings by the use of lines and figures. The powerful paintings awaken a curiosity with their rich details and send the viewer on a journey of discovery. As a kaleidoscope there are continuously new formations appearing in front of the viewer. In Kuriharas neat and light drawings it almost seems like the lines are floating and one can discern the artist’s Asian background.

David Evison (UK/DE)
The British artist and previous professor by the Berlin Art Academy, Universität der Künste, David Evison prefer working with metal. In his willful and insisting sculptures, David Evison shows a great precision and sobriety. The art work is an outstanding symbiosis of contrasts and sobriety.

Sabina Grzimek (DE)
The German artist Sabina Grzimek is a classic sculptor, painter and graphic designer. In Sabina Grzimek’s roughly formed art works the question about “des Seins” – our existence – is often explored. The art works is an expression for a search; they are a question to the world and its fellowmen about the human existence.

Poul R. Weile (DK/DE)
In a post modernistic manner, the Danish sculptor Poul R. Weile mixes different material and expressions in his art works, where everyday life is reflected with a touch of irony. A recurring theme for his work is the human figure. The frequently naked figures, both in his sculptures and collages, is amongst others included in mythological contexts or expresses the human mind.













Michael Kain (DE)
A strong consciousness about materiality is created in the German artist Michael Kain’s paintings which produce multi-dimensional illusions of the viewer. With his organic idiom he excellently leads the modernistic painting tradition on.

Henry Stöcker (DE)
The German sculptor and illustrator Henry Stöcker combines humor and a powerful zest for life with an organic idiom. Henry Stöcker’s simple shapes create traces of recognition with the viewer. However, nothing is what immediately looks like and one is constantly led astray.