Henry Stöcker (DE)


German artist, Henry Stöcker, is predominantly a sculptural artist. Through different materials, he creates biomorphic sculptures, inspired by the human figure,  which explore volumes and negative space.

His studies in Biology and his fascination for sculptures play an integral role in his artistic practice, resulting in a body of work that creates a dialogue between science and art. He also finds inspiration in the human figure and its mass, weight, and volumes.

 Stöcker has mastered a variety of materials which allows him to create sculptures in metal, plaster, concrete, wax, and wire. His sculptures explore fragility and balance, challenging gravity as thin-legged elements support voluminous components. Through playful three-dimensional forms, he invites the viewers to explore and interact with his artworks.

Henry Stöcker

 The artist constantly asks the audience to look for recognisable figures, bringing to life biomorphic shapes that may otherwise only be seen through a microscope. This blurs the line between the figurative and the abstract, highlighting the interrelations of organic forms and artistic expression.

Stöcker produces two-dimensional artworks too, whose subjects echo his three-dimensional works. Many of these drawings function as preliminary sketches but they also have a strong aesthetic quality on their own. In these artworks, the viewer can witness a glimpse of Stöcker’s creative process as he explores on paper the relation of shapes and negative spaces. The sketched designs are plastically conceived so that their interrelationship allows a pictorial space to arise. Although in his designs a sculptural thinking remains strongly recognizable, Stöcker’s drawings are interesting artistic products thanks to their balanced colours and their exploration of different materials such as ink and collage.

Stöcker’s innovative approach to sculpture has earned him numerous awards throughout his artistic career and he continues to surprise with his wondrous creations.

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