David Evison (GB)


Influenced by classical art, David Evison strives for technical mastery, proportional balance and sublime expression. He applies these ideals to his contemporary, experimental practice.

David Evison is a sculptor who studied at St. Martin’s in the ’60s. With his parents being British missionaries, he spent a great part of his life traveling between China and Britain. Evison was taught in several places all over the world, including the US, Australia, and the UK. In recent years he even maintains a studio in Beijing, where he commutes to from his home in Berlin.

The core of his artistic work is to follow the tradition of classical sculpting. Modern experimental installations rest upon an over 2000-year-old inheritance of classical comprehension of sculpture.

David Evison

To be able to expand and challenge the media it is, according to Evison, necessary to be familiar with history and master the classical expressions. David Evison is interested in the boundaries of the materials and medium and lets these inspire him. Metal is his favored material and allows Evison to show static and aesthetic precision while working with it.

The diffuse and twisted shapes reach out into space and seem to move, almost as if they were alive. It can be challenging for the beholder to approach Evison’s abstract sculpture. But behind the experimental shapes lies an awareness of the very essence of the sculpture, based on a classical definition. For Evison, borders are not a limitation — they are artistic liberation.

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