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Poul R. Weile, born in 1954 in Odense, Denmark, is a recognized sculptor and visual artist. His works demonstrate a post-modern train of thought, and a value integral to his creative process is the fact that he follows no style. In fact, this ‘non-style’ and open minded approach has become Weile’s signature, cultivating his desire to produce work in a wealth of media, most notably sculpture, painting and collage.

An image that recurs in Weile’s pieces is the naked human body, and he approaches this subject matter in a blissfully straightforward way. In his mixed-media collages, he creates a weird and wonderful environment for a found image, often an erotic female form. The effortlessness that characterises Weile’s juxtapositions bridges the line between kitsch and art, and embodies a sense of humour and irony that is absolutely inviting. This relates to another of Weile’s artistic values – that he makes art for everybody, and that everybody should get something out of his work.

Weile’s collages also suggest dream-like states or mythological tales, distracting from the sometimes prevalence of everyday. This reflects his great thirst for knowledge, and the curiosity that has led him to push boundaries in his own expression of visual art. Today, Weile works from his Berlin-based Wohnstudio and is consistently exploring new directions in his artistic practice.

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Here you can see Poul Weile artistbook online: Poul R. Weile Art 

It is possible to buy the artistbook here

Poul R. Weile, born 1954 in Odense and raised on Funen, is a recognized Danish sculptor and visual artist. In 1979, Weile went from being a wage earner to become and art student and Funen Art. Eventually, Weile had to choose a specialty and he decided to continue his education as
a sculptor. His great thirst for knowledge led him to take the chance to develop his skills in painting in his spare time besides the sculpture classes at the Academy. Due to this radiant choice, Weile learned to masters both painting and sculpting. For many years he has effortlessly worked with drawing, graphics, painting, sculpture, installation art, happenings, performances, photography, and video art and he is not afraid to mix different materials and expressions in his work. At the same time he happily draws on his extensive knowledge of art and culture of the past, just as he is not afraid to use everyday objects, kitsch and elements from his private life in his work. In this way he incorporates multiple layers of meaning into his works. Poul Weile can be characterized as a postmodern artist who is very much in tune with his time. A central theme for Weile is the naked human body, which Weile himself has a rather straightforward and unproblematic relationship to. In his sculptures, as well as in his collages, the presence of naked erotic figures is frequent and his works have a tendency to express mythological tales or human states of mind.