Opdagelser 2016 EN

Opdagelser 2016

Ivan Prieto (ES), Birthe Petersen (DK), Fabio Valencia (COL), Fabian Zolar (DE), Sara Nanna (DK), Yama Rauf (AF/DK), Grycja (UKR),Anastasia (SE/RU),Erik Weiser DE (sculptor), Kis Nelleman (DK), Michael Dunk (DK), Parul Modha(DK)Tanja Jensen (DK)


Galleri Heike Arndt DK is pleased to present the annual Opdagelser (‘Discoveries’) exhibition, exploring new artistic directions and surprises. In the selected artworks, we invite you to discover a number of materials and techniques that are evocative of a number of emotions, reflecting their artists stories and journeys. Opdagelser is an opportunity to reflect on present times and the human being itself. We offer an insight of poetic and urban complexity, but retain a playful sense of humour with both local and international meaning.

About our artists
The exhibiting artists guide the audience through an artistic landscape of sculpture, painting, drawing and digital/time-based media. For this year’s show, we present the work of German artists Erik Weiser and Fabian Zolar, and Colombian artist Fabio Valencia, whose work respectively questions our commodities and consumption. The Spanish sculptor Iván Prieto will be exhibiting a number of intriguing ceramic sculptures with an innovative approach to representing the human form. We will also be introducing two time-based media artists – Sara Nanna from Denmark and Yama Rauf from Afghanistan, who is currently living in Denmark as a refugee. Both artists have won several international awards, and we are currently seeking authorisation for Rauf to be present at the exhibition opening. Paintings and drawings will be on show from German artists Michael Dunk, Parul Modha, Birthe Pedersen from Denmark and Russian/Swedish artist Anastasia, as well as mixed media works from the German artist Kis Nellemann and Danish artist Tanja Jensen. Every artist has a special connection to the Nordic countries and the Berlin art scene, where they have either lived or worked. In this year’s Obdagelser, the majority of artists will experience an exhibitional debut in Denmark and their presence on the island of Lolland-Falster will be a wonderful contribution to the regional and national art scene.

Opportunities at Art Lab Kettinge
Galleri Heike Arndt DK would also like to present its new initiative, Art Lab Kettinge. This is a satellite project linked to the gallery, offering a platform for non-commercial projects such as exhibitions, workshops and international residencies with varying cooperation partners. With focus on non-profit activities, Art Lab Kettinge will also be pleased to host international summer residencies. We will engage in other network-based activities for the benefit of the art and citizenship in the region, strengthening its international profile.

The Exhibition is kindly supportet by Integra Advokater.

Exhibition objectives
Through Opdagelser, we aim to develop our already existing artistic network and reach out to other potential projects in Denmark, other Nordic countries and Germany. Galleri Heike Arndt DK always wishes to inspire both artists and our audiences. In this exhibition we want to enhance the reception of the brilliant opportunities for artistic growth, which characterises the Danish ‘Sun Coasts’. The region is characterised by beautiful landscapes and a wonderful quality of living, as well as the many initiatives in the fields of ecology and sustainable energy. This holds great appeal not only for the Danish people but also international artists and visitors alike. We hope this sense of diversity and opportunity is reflected in Opdagelser, and that it offers the citizens of Guldborgsund and Region Storstrøm an extraordinary experience of inter-cultural and artistic expression. In the future we also wish to host workshops available for all during the run of the exhibition and beyond.

Participating Artists at Opdagelser 2016 2016 are:

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin - Artist: Ivan Prieto, title: Blindness, Year: 2014

Iván Prieto (ES)

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin - Artist: Grycja, title: "The love", 50x50cm

Grycja (UKR)

Parul Modha (DK)

Anastasia Savinova (RU/SE)

Tanja Jensen (DK)

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin - Artist: Birthe Petersen, title: Kvinde liv 7, 15x16,5cm

Birthe Petersen (DK)

Kis Nellemann (DK)

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin - Artist: Yama Rauf, title: "No woman", short film

Yama Rauf (AF)

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin - Artist: Sara Nanna, title: "If you wait", Animation/short film
Sara Nanna (DK)

Erik Weiser  (DE)

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin - Artist: Fabio Valencia, Title: "Importable", 37x28cm

Fabio Valencia (COL)

Galleri Heike Arndt DK Berlin - Artist: Fabian Zolar, Title. "Plastic Surgery", 50x55cm

Fabian Zolar (DE)

Michael Dunk (DK)

ARTIST PROFILES –  Opdagelser 2016

Ivan Prieto (ES)
Iván Prieto, born in Ourense, Spain but now working and living in Berlin, focuses in his work on ceramic sculptures, but  does also illustrations and installations. In his colourful surrealistic sculptures Prieto captures certain fragility of humans and life in general, including indications to physical disabilities such as deafness and blindness, as well as mental imperfections, each character being inspired by real-life human counterparts. Having also similar personal experiences, Prieto wants to explore the transgressing of physical and mental borders in his art, in some way relatable for everyone. In this way, the works also are a self-portrait for the artist.

Tanja Jensen (DK)
Tanja Jensen is a Danish artist who creates delicate, detailed paper-cut collages that are rich in colour and full of life. She is fascinated by animals because of their “innocence” and their “personalities” and often visits the library to search through books in order to find an animal that inspires her to create new artworks. Her pieces are developed in the process and never defined from the beginning. Jensen is using paper when creating her artworks but considers her work somehow sculptural, as it is three-dimensional. When looking at Jensen’s art the impressive time, precision and effort spent on each work is seductive, appealing and offers a great journey into a endlessness “Wonderland”. Enjoy the journey!

Yama Rauf (AF) 
Noted film and TV director and scriptwriter Yama Rauf (AF) has been writing poems and visual stories since age nine. Later in his youth he moved also into film making, both still to date being great passions for him as professions. Rauf’s work can be seen to be influenced by his roots and experiences in the Afghan culture, where women’s lives are steered through old traditions, such as arranged marriages. For this exhibition, Rauf has is again bringing forth discussion about the degrading of women and inequality between sexes.

Fabio Valencia (CO) 
Printmaking artist Fabio Valencia, depicts the poetical aspects of different objects and nature in his print works. In this exhibition, Valencia’s art concentrates on expressing concerns about water supply, and reflections about water’s vitality as an element, creating a clear theme to his series of works. Valencia’s pieces show simplicity and detailed prints that focus on important and current issues of our everyday lives.

Birthe Petersen (DK) 
Mixing different techniques, such as graphics, drawing and collage, Birthe Petersen (DK) portrays women with different perspectives on life. Petersen is especially moved by the refugee situation in South-Europe and the current events in Syria, which channels a gloomy and even a stagnant atmosphere in her artworks. The paintings are however not necessarily sad or desperate, but leave the interpretation about the characters and situations freely in the viewer’s hands. Petersen uses different techniques and combines painting,drawing,old graphic prints and paper collages with a dominant black colour, which intensifies the stance-taking message in her art.

Grycja (UA/DE) 
Born in Lviv, Ukraine, but now living and working in Berlin, Crycja (UA/DE) works mainly with collages, but uses also varying techniques such as painting, digital illustration, video and different objects in her art. In this exhibition Crycja presents the collage series “The poetry of horror”, which captures colourful, surrealistic works with botanical textures as well as human and animal characters. Combining daring manipulations between creatures and plants Grycja aims to display the exaggeration of the circumstances and dangers in life.

Sara Nanna (DK)
Sara Nanna’s animations are inspired by experimenting with different materials and forms. Nanna believes in the importance of the viewer freely exploring and creating his/her own individual experience of her art, a process endorsed by the artist’s abstract way of storytelling which leaves room for interpretation. With an interest in exploring mirrored distortions and the transformation between 2D and 3D, Nanna focuses her works around various relatable themes, concerning for example everyday interaction and relationships.

Fabian Zolar (DE)
Fabian Zolar, having painted his first graffiti at the age of twelve, concentrates his work on the tension field between traditional painting and street art. After spending time abroad and experimenting for example painting murals in South America, Zolar has strengthened his self-image as an artist and believes that the real problems of humanity – war, hostility, envy – are not solved with just rational scientific thinking, but with an approach that connects rationality to spirituality, which is channelled also to his art.

Anastasia (SE)
The Russian artist Anastasia Savinova currently lives and works in Uppsala, Sweden. Her work has previously been shown in countries like Spain, USA and the UK and is now coming to Berlin. Many techniques like drawing, photography and oil painting are balanced throughout Savinova’s artwork. When observing her works, one can notice references from architecture, geometrical shapes and human relationships.

Erik Weiser (DE)
A recurring motif in the art works of Erik Weiser (DE) is the concept of recycling, or upcycling – the process of repurposing an existing material in a surprising manner. He uses everyday elements, such as reflectors used in traffic, to create compelling art installations. Light becomes an important factor in the visual experience and create life and movement in the geometric forms of his work.Building up a surface through repetition of multiple pieces of the same original form creates interesting patterns and color stories in his striking, three-dimensional work. It adds the reference to pop-art and modern consumption culture.

Kis Nelleman (DK)
Kis Nellemann creates artworks from an innovative approach to paper, and the plant material Abaca. She uses these media with fabric and explores their transparency. With an exquisite sense of colour and a strong feeling of forms, she connects an overall encounter between two, in essence, different art notions; the Western and the Eastern – particularly art practices of Japan. She has combined key elements of disciplined aesthetic and meditative art from the East with a more abstract expression typical of the West. Nellemann displays the ability to develop an original and very personal artistic language that is undeniably unique.

Michael Dunk (DK)
Michael Dunk makes art about everyday life. With varying techniques – painting, drawing and installations – Dunk depicts different aspects of society including political issues, globalisation and cultural clashes, with a humoristic, even ironic approach. The artist presents observations of the sometimes harsh everyday reality with a humorous and colourful approach.

Parul Mohda(DK)
The work she creates refers to processes of enculturation: daily situations, decisions and dilemmas one encounters as a consequence.The experience of dislocation, displacement and the act of being forcefully uprooted has left a strong impression. With this comes a knowledge and understanding of a rich breath of cultures, languages and life styles. This has had a significant impact and informs the work I produce.Images of household objects, anatomy drawings and maps are used to explore relationships between ones roots and history, bringing the visual dialogue to the present day.