Birthe Petersen (DK)


Birthe Petersen combines multiple techniques such as graphics, drawings, prints and collages with inks, different colours and acrylics. She portrays human characters in different situations and their social interactions.

Birthe Petersen was always fascinated by art. She began drawing as a child and later on became fascinated with black and white graphics. Since then, she started working more with graphics, which allowed her to learn new techniques and to open up to endless artistic possibilities.

By finding inspiration in the surrounding world, Petersen’s works often focus on human characters interacting with each other or on individuals that she captures as portraits. Petersen is especially moved by the refugee situation in southern Europe and the current events in Syria. Thus, a gloomy and almost stagnant atmosphere is present in her artworks. The darkness of war inspires Birthe to use aquatint to address social issues. 

Birthe Petersen

She states that by treating copper plates with acid, she can create a deeper darkness in order to allow light to shine brighter. Despite the graphics being only black and white (which represent the oppositions of darkness and light), they can also be full of color.

That happens because darkness does not always have to be represented by the colour black. Thus, by experimenting with different color expressions and juxtaposing them, the combination can achieve a result in which light and darkness are refracted at the same time in harmony. In her latest works, both with graphics and acrylic paintings, she constantly experiments using ink drawing, collage and oil pastel to reach a new expression which allows for more open interpretation from the viewer. Also in these works, human nature and humans in general still play an important role as artistic inspiration.

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