Parul Modha (DK)


The artworks by the Denmark-based artist, Parul Modha, communicate a certain level of intimacy with the viewer. Wrinkles and buttons embroidered on cloth, alongside maps collaged on fingernails, connect the audience with their own quotidianity.

These images evoke a familiar nostalgia, a feeling experienced when recalling upon a cozy autumnal afternoon in the family house. Modha’s parents, of Indian origin, were exiled from Uganda when she was only three years old and, subsequently, the family later moved to the United Kingdom.

Forced to constantly uproot and relocate, this inevitably left a mark upon her persona and her artwork. This theme of nostalgia, along with a recollection of childhood memories found within her drawings and sculptures, enables the viewer to reflect upon their own roots and origin.

Parul Modha

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