Fabian Zolar (DE)


Fabian Zolar is a German artist who concentrates on the tensions and boundaries between traditional painting and street art exploring both figurative and abstract subjects.

Zolar approached art at a young age as he began to experiment with graffiti as a form of expression. The time he spent abroad, specifically in South America, was fundamental to his development as an artist. In fact, when the artist was young, graffiti was not considered an art form in Germany and was dismissed as a mere contemporary youth movement.

Instead, Zolar found in Latin America Zolar a long and respected artistic tradition of mural painting rooted in political and socio-cultural phenomena. Therefore, his travels broadened his own artistic view on graffiti as he experimented with different styles and strengthened his self-image as an artist.

Fabian Zolar

Zolar experimented with different graffiti styles from 2D and 3D letters to realistic portraits. During his career he moved into studying abstract forms and approached canvas paintings to dissolve the boundaries and rules of traditional graffiti. In his art, Zolar channels his interest in spirituality and creativity which he believes are necessary to overcome social issues as he deems insufficient rational scientific thinking alone.

The socio-political side of his artworks is deeply rooted with the medium of graffiti and it emerges in his pieces as the artist incorporates messages of social critique, especially in his figurative artworks. On the other hand, although graffiti is usually associated with political issues, Zolar believes that this medium does not have to convey an explicit message. The artist explores this idea through abstracting the forms of his works using the typical calligraphic style used in graffiti to trace abstract murals. In these series, intricate, colourful shapes emerge from urban areas as the highest expression of the spiritual, sought by the artist.

Besides creating graffiti, Zolar creates digital paintings with surrealistic, colourful and daring shapes and characters.

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