Erik Weiser (DE)


Erik Weiser (DE) is a multidisciplinary artist who creates sculptures, installations and abstract paintings. His works are characterized by the use of repurposed materials to create patterned geometric surfaces.

A recurring motif in Weiser’s artworks is the concept of recycling, or upcycling – the process of repurposing an existing material in a surprising manner. He uses everyday elements, such as reflectors used in traffic, to create compelling art installations. In his striking, three-dimensional works, interesting patterns and colour effects are created through repetitions of geometric pieces. Light becomes an important factor in the visual experience that creates life and movement in the geometric forms of his work.

Erik Weiser

Growing up, he rejected the figurative education offered by academies as he was always inclined to abstract art. Moreover, Weiser developed the belief that art should not be taught, as it is about freedom of expression. He considers art as an alternative medium of communication to voice only those concepts that cannot be expressed with written language. While he decided not to attend an art school, he chose to study Religious Studies and Art History to acquire a set of visual references and the freedom to experiment with them to develop his own style.

Experimentation is therefore key in his creative process, and he stresses that art does not need to have a purpose. He believes that art can be about anything rejecting the creation of solely aesthetically pleasing works. There is not a general message to all of Weiser’s works but the fascination for materials is a big source of inspiration for his sculptures and installations. For example, in the work with traffic reflectors, Weiser interrogates the in-between relation of material, light, space and reflection. Working with found materials, Weiser references pop-art and reflects upon modern consumer culture adding an ecological dimension.

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