Summerexhibition 2021 Kettinge

Summer exhibition Kettinge 2021

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Our exhibitions:

The doors are open again at our gallery in Kettinge!

Our exhibition in Kettinge is ready- with many new artworks.
As always, you can book tours (either with or without lunch) and arrange visits outside our opening hours.

Summer is in the air and our exhibition in Kettinge is rich and impressive more than ever. By playfully combining different media and styles, a vibrant and unique display of more than 200 artworks from our gallery in Berlin is gathered at our venue in Lolland.

Among original pieces, as sculptures, paintings, drawings and graphic prints from almost all over the world, the collection emphasizes on diversity and contrasts by spreading vibes from grotesque to cheerful ones.

Dissimilar elements are assembled and still manage to be in symphony with each other:

Transgressive and surrealistic sculptures by Ivan Prieto (SE) find a connection with the bright and kaleidoscopic paintings by Péter Tauber (AT), while the vivid aesthetics of Andrej Konopek (RS)’s universe diverges from the nightmarish restless world of A. Barry Rosenlund (DK), followed by the Japanese artist Yumie Yamakawa’s successful attempt of merging extreme of the world in her tragicomic drawings. New works of greek painter Christina Tzani have also arrived.

You will find works on display by:
A. Barry Rosenlund (DK), Steph Huang (TW/UK), Charo del Cura (DE), Iveta Tomanová (SK), Cecilia Klementsson (SE), Violeta Vollmer (DE), Ange Schmiert (AT), Jenna Kähönen (FI), Line Schjølberg (NO), Alexis Jang (DE), DeDe Handon (DE), Inguna Gremzde (LV), Pieter Lerooij (BE), Andrej Konopek (RS), Artur Popek (PL), Max Kling (DE), Alessandro de Leo (IT), Péter Tauber (AT), Meik Brüsch (DK), Andrea Cerquiglini (IT), Jean-Baptiste Monnin (DE), Miska Mio (FI), Adrian Williams (DE), Nina Ulrichs (DE), Izabella Retkowska (PL), Daniela Adamez (ES/CO) and many more.

Among drawings, paintings, sculptures and graphic prints, Galleri Heike Arndt DK welcomes you to experience bits of the world and mankind.

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GRAFIKSALON is held with even more artists from all over the world. Versatile expressions combined with the exquisite technique are presented here.
Featuring artists:

Ariel Kofman (ARG), Georg Bothe (DK), Jen Hamilton (CAN), Margot Myers & Lisa Turner (US), Katsuko Ono (JP), Carolin Weinert (DE), Masaaki Sugita (JP), Jaco Putker (NL), Christian Bolte (DE), Ryan Falzon (MLT), Grycja (UKR), Paula Gallardo (ES), Richard Hricko (US), Baukje de Loos (NL), Ricardo Pinto (MEX), David Frazer (AUS), Ximena Bórquez (CHL), Peter Boyadjieff (CAN), Barbosa Consuelo (FR), Blaze Cyan (UK), Brandon Williams (US), Brenton Good (US), Bruno Nadalin (US), Cleo Wilkinson (AU), Cynthia Back (US), David Avery (US), Durgadas Garai (IN), Ekaterina Vopiyashina (RU), Ellen Rouppe (NL), Gervasio Robles (AR), Hui Ann (CN), Hyun-Jin Kim (KR), Jacob Muldowney (US), Lucas Naganuma (BR), Marcelle Hanselaar (NL), Nicholas Wilson (US), Robert Kelly (IE), Tallmadge Doyle (US), Thamrongsak Nimanussornkul (TW), Ute Braatz (AU), Wei Yuhang (CN), Xecon Uddin (FR) and many more…..

The graphics exhibition will change continuously and new exciting works will be hung up.

Our activities in Kettinge :

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Read more about the symposium here: International Graphicsymposium