Graphic symposium

The Graphic Symposium was created to provide a space where like-minded passionate graphic artists could meet up and spend a week or so working on their artwork in an ideal, peaceful environment with high-quality facilities. During this time period, the artists were also asked to hold workshops and host activities, that enrich the experience of the other artists as well as open up the space to local residents.

Artist Talk 2021
We are excited to host once again our :
Pop-Up event, Artist Talk, on the 28th of August. T
his annual event will include presentations and good conversations with selected Graphic artists from our past Mini Maxi Print exhibition. These Graphic artists are specially recognized for their works and receive the chance to stay in our residency for a week during our Graphic Symposium, where they participate in workshops and collaborate with each other.

Stop by to hear more about these wonderful artists and their experiences.

16.00 – Artist Talk : book here
18.00 – Artist Dinner: book here

Soon we announce this year’s selected artists here.