Artlab Events, 2020



Graphic Symposium, 12. – 18. October 2020

The Graphic Symposium was created to provide a space where like-minded passionate graphic artists could meet up and spend a week or so working on their artwork in an ideal, peaceful environment with high-quality facilities. During this time period, the artists were also asked to hold workshops and host activities, that enrich the experience of the other artists as well as open up the space to local residents. We are greatfull for the support by Aumenta for his event. Read about previously visiting artists at our artlab here: Testimonials Artlab Kettinge


Ewelina Kołakowska (PL)



Ewelina Kolakowska’s intaglios picture dark entangled bodies. A sombre atmosphere is created through the prints’ monochromatic colour choice.

Thin lines can be seen all over her artwords. These are part of Kolakowska’s working process, as she always starts her works without initial ideas, letting her impulses guide her through random lines. In her most recent works, Kolakowska focuses on the union of bodies. Sometimes one body is lighter, whilst the other is almost like a shadow, perhaps reminding us of the yin and yang. Both subjects unite perfectly, creating a pleasing visual representation. The curved lines resulting from the visual unity of the two partners create grace and balance. A certain harmony is brought about on the paper.



Georg Bothe (DE)



Georg Bothe’s abstract etchings and cardboard prints are characterised by the use of abstract shapes and expressive coloured blocks. 

Bothe uses shapes that seem biomorphic, reminding the viewer of natural patterns. Bothe’s fascination with colours depends on their atmospheric value and creates a sense of space and movement. His innovative approach to printing using different materials creates textured artworks where different patterns and surface qualities coexist. In his prints, Bothe creates impressions of nature by simplifying reality through forms and pigments. The artist explains his interest in colour as he believes that such a feature possesses both a space-creating and atmospheric value. Bothe’s fascination with colours depends on their atmospheric value and creates a sense of space and movement. The artist has the ability to create balanced compositions that communicate meditative effect.


Karin Tiefensee (DE)



Karin Tiefensee’s abstract screen prints are an exploration of the relation between colours and shapes. Colours and patterns are layered, creating an imaginary landscape. 

Tiefensee uses a particular technique called the Carborundum technique where carborundum powder is used to add tone. This technique is known for having strong colours, something seen in Tiefensee’s works. Her abstract screen prints are an exploration of the relation between colours and shapes. Colours and patterns are layered, creating an imaginary landscape. 




Vinicius Libardoni (BR-IT)



Vinicius Libardoni is a Brazilian-Italian architect and printmaker. In his etchings, he represents majestic architectural scenes isolated from the human trace.

Libardoni presents majestic architectural scenes that convey a sense of nostalgia. Through impressive perspective they evoke a past grandeur. They appear under construction or deconstruction process and create both an eternal and an ephemeral atmosphere. Prodigious structures are suspended in space and time, surrounded by planks of wood and metal. Through vast spaces, Libardoni communicates a sense of loneliness. The unorganised planks on the walls and roofs remind us of bruises, injuries acquired through age and abandon. This feeling of melancholy is reinforced by the monochromatic colour scheme. Through their deterioration and neglect, they remind us of our own uncertain future.



Xecon Uddin (BD-FR)



Born in Bangladesh and now based in France, Xecon Uddin mainly works with graphic prints and experiments with other media such as photography. In his artworks he explores memories, dreams, and identity, especially in relation to his status as a refugee and queer artist.

Uddin mainly creates figurative artworks that often depict hybrid humans combined with natural elements. His fantastic surrealist artworks convey his exploration of dreams and memories as well as the layered nature of identity. These three themes are interwoven by his experience as a political LGBTQI refugee and the reminiscence of Bangladesh and Uddin’s cultural roots. The body is in fact used by Uddin to explore identity and the relation between physicality and the notion of normality, using sensory perceptions and spiritual reflections that draw attention to social, political and cultural issues related to sexual identity.

Public events 17th october 2020: The Graphic Symposium will culminate in the Artist Talk held on the 17th of October at 4PM. The event is  public, and there is the possibility to stay for a shared dinner afterwards. Welcome! 4 pm –  6 pm   Introduction by the different artists to there work (15 minutes each) 7 pm -10 pm   Public unformel Artistdinner (by payment & reservation only, max 30 pers. ) Coming up new pop up event: Public Artisttalk with selected international Graphic Artists (50Kr. incl.coffe) October 17th 4pm -6pm: Registration for the Graphic Artisttalk 17.october Coming up new pop up event: Artistdinner (by reservation only max 30 persones 185 Kr. incl. beverage)  October 17th 7pm -10pm: Registration Artistdinner 17.oktober

Info for Participating artists:

2-4 Resident artists (already chosen) 4-6 Graphic artists only by invitation Technics: Etching, Litografi on stone, Carborundum, Papercut etching a.o. Materials to bring: Special Paper ready to print or colors (we have fabriano Rosaspina and basic oilbased and waterbased ink) Personal tools The material you need otherwise has to be ordered, paid and delivered BEFORE arrival! Keep in mind we are far away from any artshop -all needs to be ordered online! Food: Common Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner we prepare /cook together: Everybody has to bring /buy some food and beverage for the stay There is a supermarket 3km away. Preparation: Each participant prepares an introduction to themselves and their technics used. For public use (max 15 minutes) Artistlectures  (max 30 minutes) (to be supported by a presentation on USB stick Powerpoint f.ex) You have to let us know before coming what press (etching or Lito) you primary want to work with. Schedule: (Arrival) From the 12-18th Greet and Meet! 13-17.october workshops Studio 1 at the residency (etching) Studio 2 at the lito studio (at the gallery etching+lito) Equipment : 2 Litopresses+stones 2 Etching presses 1 Letterpress