House Rules

House rules

In order to make the stay at the residency as comfortable as possible for our lodgers, we are introducing the house rules, which we expect all our guests to follow.

The artist house is furnished for 2-4 artists or artist couples who will be assigned a work studio when being accommodated at the residency. There is a dormitory with four extra beds for workshops.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in all indoor areas, including the workshops.


The dormitories are reserved for the artists in residency only. Visitors are not allowed to stay at the dormitories without a prior agreement. Residents must clean the dormitories at least once a week, and they must air the rooms daily.

Music and night-time activities

It is expected to be quiet after 10 p.m. and that the residents are considerate of each other and use headphones or similar devices in the dormitories and the workshops after this hour.

Common areas

All other areas beside the dormitories are common, and therefore everybody is responsible for keeping them in good shape. It is expected that the residents spend at least three hours a week on house cleaning and maintenance of the common areas. This implies anything from lawn mowing to cleaning the windows.

Everybody can use the common areas freely. There is typically a meeting every Monday to arrange who is going to use the respective rooms during the week. If someone wishes to use the rooms for other events, it may also be arranged during the Monday meetings. We aim to have a joint dinner once a month. The dinner is typically prepared together.
The residency contains a fireplace and a grill. The residents must receive a permission to use the fireplace for safety reasons. No open fire is allowed.


Everyone is welcome to use the kitchen facilities as long as they carefully clean up after themselves. This means that the kitchen table, the cooker and all used utensils and equipment must be cleaned immediately after use by the user.

The residents do their own grocery shopping, including buying washing-up liquid.

Kitchen tools must be handled with great care. In the case of anything breaking, the residents are responsible for replacing the item and informing the manager about it.

There is a vegetable and herb garden at the artist house, which everyone is more than welcome to nurse and use.


Please clean everything carefully after use. The bath always needs a good airing. The residents must buy their own toilet paper, cleaning supplies etc.


In consultation with the manager, every artist can be assigned for a workshop. The residents can work in the workshops every day until 10 p.m., after which the silent period starts (see: Music and night-time activities). After 10 p.m. it is only allowed to do activities that do not cause noise or disturb the other residents.

The workshops must be cleaned once a week. Every evening, all the tools that the residents have been allowed to use and have used must be put back to their rightful places.

It is not allowed to take any tools or materials from the workshops without a prior agreement. The list of materials that belong to the artist house must be provided for that purpose. Tools provided to the artist house must be handled with great care; blades and other replaceable items must be replaced if damaged or lost.

If any machinery or other inventory breaks or disappears during the stay, the residents are responsible for replacing them immediately. Extra high usage of electricity (kiln, electrical machines with extra high-power consumption) is to be cleared separately.

Bicycles and other borrowed stuff

Lent bicycles (deposit 40 Euro) must be handled with care. Bicycle tubes and other replaceable items must be replaced in case of damage or loss. The bicycles must be maintained, meaning that the borrower must oil the bicycle and wash it when it gets dirty.

All other items lent out for the artist house are to be maintained.

The history of the house

The house was built around 1900, and, in addition to living quarters, it also had space for a small group of animals. An area of about 10000 m2 was dedicated for growing crops to make the place self-sufficient.

The previous owners had let the house fall into disrepair until 2006. In 2009, we took over the house and started a long renovation process, which is almost finished by now. It has cost blood, sweat, tears, hard work and a lot of money to make the house habitable for the artists. Therefore, we would like to stress the importance of maintaining the house, and we hope that everyone helps in taking care of it so that it may also be able to house artists and guests in the future.