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Graphic Symposium

The Graphic Symposium was created to provide a space where like-minded passionate graphic artists could meet up and spend a week or so working on their artwork in an ideal, peaceful environment with high-quality facilities. During this time period, the artists were also asked to hold workshops and host activities, that enrich the experience of the other artists as well as open up the space to local residents. We are greatfull for the support by Aumenta for his event. Read about previously visiting artists at our artlab here: Testimonials Artlab Kettinge

Introducing the selected graphic Artists Graphicsymposium: 
Recognition 2021
ARTLAB KETTINGE DENMARK-supported by Aumento



Darya Hancharova (BY)                        Sjoerd Tegelaers (NL)                       Cynthia Back (US)


Darya Hancharova (BY)

The young Belarusian artist Darya Hancharova mainly works with the mezzotint technique.

Her art is a constant meditation about the self and the changeability of our identity. In Hancharova’s delicate prints we see traces of the female figure as if reflected in a broken mirror, creating a sense of collage that perfectly embodies the complexity of the constructive process of personality. She understands identities as mosaic structures where all of our relationships converge alongside our life experiences and the world that surrounds us – among all these elements, art is her way of questioning her true self

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Sjoerd Tegelaers (NL)

Hyper-realistic monochromatic mezzotints of Tegelaers represent every day sceneries, conveying an apparently naive and joyful expression.  Sjoerd Tegelaers is a young Dutch graphic artist. In Tegelaers’s pieces, the viewer can discover the ironic interactions between humans and animals.
Animals are placed in ironic settings, in one of his pieces, he shows a bull in a parking lot, in another one a man sleeping on the edge of the sea- half covered by water. He questions our identity and behavior using animals as a metaphor. Apparently, calm scenes are used as a cover-up for underlying questions about our involvement in our surroundings. In absurd settings, he takes the viewer with him to the edge of the mind playing with imaginary sceneries.

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Cynthia Back (US)

Cynthia Back is an American artist. Back lives in the countryside, surrounded by luxurious nature and landscape which she then translates into her works.
In Back’s creations, the love for the natural elements are brought to the observers’ focus through the use of bright colors.
Back creates exuberant patterns taking notice of every rock, every leaf, every cloud. These prints perfectly imitate immersion in the landscape. The observing viewer is also invited to consider the fragility of nature and analyze the impact of man and climate change in nature.


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