Darya Hancharova (BY)

Text/Translation GHA

The young Belarusian artist Darya Hancharova mainly works with the mezzotint technique, but she also experiments with painting and book illustration.

Her art is a constant meditation about the self and the changeability of our identity. In Hancharova’s delicate prints we see traces of the female figure as if reflected in a broken mirror, creating a sense of collage that perfectly embodies the complexity of the constructive process of personality. She understands identities as mosaic structures where all of our relationships converge alongside our life experiences and the world that surrounds us – among all these elements, art is her way of questioning her true self.

Darya Hancharova

 Hancharova’s statement is quite clear – change is permanent and the idea of a human being as a uniform entity seems to be an illusion. This philosophy is the base for her creations, and one can feel such change in the constant movement acquired by the figures in her powerful compositions. Different layers overlap and show more than one perspective point in an attempt to reveal all the traits that define ourselves as individuals. This sense of revealing is very present in her visual compositions – both body and mind seem to go through an unveiling process that culminates with the awakening of the consciousness. To achieve that we first have to accept our fragility, since any kind of stability cannot exist without a previous exercise of self-questioning.

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