Events at Residency 2019

Events at the Artlab, 2019

Artist Talk, 22. June 2019


On Saturday the 22nd of June, Galleri Heike Arndt DK hosted an artist talk with 5 international artists from Artlab Kettinge. The participating artists were:


Carolin Weinert (DE) / Ariel Kofman (ARG) / Richard Hricko (US) / Xecon Uddin (FR) / Robert Kelly (IE)


Graphic Symposium, 20. – 23. June 2019

The Graphic Symposium was created to provide a space where like-minded passionate graphic artists could meet up and spend a week or so working on their artwork in an ideal, peaceful environment with high-quality facilities. During this time period, the artists were also asked to hold workshops and host activities, that enrich the experience of the other artists as well as opening up the space to local residents.




Meet: Richard Hricko (US), Robert Kelly (IR), Ariel Kofman (ARG), Xecon Uddin (FR) and Carolin Weinert (DE)


Richard Hricko (US)

Richard Hricko concerns himself in his expression with synthesizing different material characteristics. He creates intricate, detailed photogravure where a subdued light creates an atmospheric sense of quiet mystery. The hyper-realism of his closeup works where he combines nature and architectural elements create fractals that almost become abstract.


Robert Kelly (IR)

Robert Kelly is inspired by abstract and poetic compositions. Through the colorful swirls in his lithographs, Kelly transmits movement and richness of color, almost like in a joyful dance. This translates into color juxtapositions in which the elements that resemble thick and impulsive brush strokes suddenly seem to become alive and start interacting with each other. These splashes of refreshing color reminisce of spring; the generation of life. The artworks provide the viewer with insights into the mind of the artist, and the viewer is invited to peer into this mental game.


Ariel Kofman (ARG)

Ariel Kofman was born in Buenos Aires and teaches art and engraving techniques. In his works, the human body intermingles with undefined architectural figures which creates a playful but sometimes disorientated landscape full of political allegories. Kofman’s work is a whimsical portrait of the hustle and bustle of today’s society.


Xecon Uddin (FR)

In his work, Xecon Uddin aims to explore his cultural roots. He uses hybrids of humans and forest animals framed by elements from nature as his aesthetic solutions to depict his need to connect with the earth. The constant search for the centered self is his contemporary state of mind, which Uddin seems to pour into his work. Influenced by both mainstream imagery and folklore, it is easy for the viewer to establish an emotional connection with these apparent anonymous characters.


Carolin Weinert (DE)

Carolin Weinert’s work uses the expression of historical printmaking on contemporary topics that originate from our digitalised society. Her series Histoire Naturelle borrows its visual representation from nature encyclopedias, adding human figures that challenge the beholder’s habitual way of viewing. Her thematic attention focuses on an ironic and almost cynical reflection on current issues of humanity.