Exhibition Artlab Kettinge 2016

Exhibition Artlab Kettinge 2016
from 1. May until october 9th 2016



Giuditta R (I),Maria Persson (SE) Jussi Valtakari (FI), Kari Södö (FI), Jan Pötter (DE), Martin Karcher (DE), Maja Zagórska (PL), Bryce Chisholm (US), Izolda “Bizzy” Lautner (GB), Niall Dooley (IR), Casper Johansson (SE), Kurihara (JP), Yumie Yamakawa (JP) and Heike Arndt (DK)

Artlab Kettinge brings together the best artists from our research for new exciting artists from the Unites States, Finland, Germany, Japan, Poland, Switzerland and Sweden, who are all connected to the Northern countries and Germany. We will constantly changing the works on display and will focus on each of them from time to time.

 Jussi Valtakari (FI) and Kari Södö (FI) work with innovative use of natural resources, their art stand side by side with street art and political statements. Discover the social criticism in the works ofNiall Dooley (IR) Jan Pötter (DE) and explore Martin Karcher’s (DE) and Maja Zagórska’s (PL) interesting versions of modern life.

Bryce Chisholm (US) and Izolda ”Bizzy” Lautner (GB) present refined technical skills with influence from street art. Guiditta R (I) and Casper Johansson (SE) comment on the values of the modern society.

The experimental, colorful paintings of Kurihara (JP) illustrativ drawings by Maria Persson (SE) and the Manga inspired drawings by Yumie Yamakawa (JP) examines human relations, including loneliness and fragility, and invite to contemplation.

Summer exhibition Kettinge 2016_v2 (2)

In the artworks the spectator is confronted with urban vibrations, poetic coloring and playful humour. It will be a journey full of surprises and discoveries – a unique opportunity to become inspired, excited and involved!

You will of course also find new works of Heike Arndt.

Join us! There is something for everyone in Our exhibion!
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Kari Södö (FI)

Kari Södö works primarily with sculptures, but is also an excellent graphic artist. Nature serves as Södö’s personal playground, as he in abstract and minimalist idiom creates amazing wooden sculptures. It seems as if the living and dynamic forms endlessly are converted and combined in new and varying constellations. Södö’s graphic art is largely represented in his sculptures – here the same colours and shapes appear and recall the atmosphere of a beautiful autumn day. See more about the artist here.

Jan Pötter (DE)

In his expressive mixed-media-pieces Jan Pötter creates a great imaginary and colourful world. Through symbolic motives he explores the modern western society conflicts and disasters. In Pötter’s almost aggressive lines, colours as well as the sometimes naivistic symbolic language, we find references to Art Brut, also called Outsider Art. See more about the artist here.

Maja Zagórska (PL)

Zagórska employs self-portraits, signs and symbols such as quotes, household items and self-portraits in order to comment on the joys and struggles of living in modern society. The details in her work are recognizable and often humoristic, paired with areas of colour she emphasizes objects or situations we can all relate to. See more about the artist here.

Martin Karcher (DE)

Martin Karcher’s figurative works express a subjective view on people. Often it is eccentric people, who typically are encountered in the corners of the big cities, that are portrayed.
Karcher is balancing between pop art-inspired paintings and classical prints – which requires experience in order to master well – his focus is always on the simple but nearly elegant line. See more about the artist here.

Jussi Valtakari (FI)

Jussi Valtakari developed his interest in wood carving at an early age when he cut his first figures and wooden toys. It has today evolved into artistic creations of fiction portraits. Cutting out shapes in wood builds on a long tradition that goes back to antiquity and thus connects Valtakari’s works with classic wood carving tradition. The figures are often based on observations of local people as well as impressions from different media types. Valtakari works mainly with memory and through his works he seems to diagnose the past as well as present time. See more about the artist here.
Bryce C Collaged Wrap_spray paint_acrylic and collage_11x14in_2014_Bryce Chisholm_low

Bryce Chisholm (US)

Bryce Chisholm creates catching, multi-layered artworks in bright colours. Chisholm’s characters range from children, women and animals to airplanes, helicopters and nostalgic propaganda. With strong colours he manages to transfer the art of graffiti into successful small-format works. See more about the artist here.
Yumie Yamakawa (JP), What I have in common with the future 2013

Yumie Yamakawa (JP)
In clean illustrations Yumie Yamakawa captures human reactions and emotions. She focuses on depicting comedic aspects within tragic situations and she has developed her own unique artistic language. She goes beyond conventional cultural differences and creates a universal expression that encourages the spectator to recognize and to get lost in its own history. See more about the artist here.

Niall Dooley (IRL) NDDR3
Niall Dooley’s (IR) colorful, figurative and ironical drawings use visual metaphors to highlight paradoxes and comical aspects of seemingly trivial happenings in everyday life. Employing an immediate, almost comic-like style, Dooley’s drawings effortlessly convey observations and absurd elements in scenes we all can relate to from living in a modern society.Read more about the artist here
Photographs of the artwork for Casper's 3rd exhibition that will run at the Pansodan Gallery on Upper Pansodan Street from December 10, 2011. The new paintings are based on photographs and built up using words stamped repeatedly onto the paper.

Casper Johansson (SE)
Casper Johansson is a visual artist living in Sweden. He worked in Myanmar (Burma) where he had collaborative projects with an emerging generation of Myanmar artists. Using ink-pads and alphabetic rubber stamps he creates “retouched” realism paintings and drawings based on letters and words. At first glance you see a figurative form but as you look closer the technique of the stamps become visible, bringing up several layers of dual meanings in the pieces. See more about the artist here.

Letter beach_low

Izolda ‘Bizzy’ Lautner (GB)

Izolda ‘Bizzy’ Lautner creates her images using cut-out stencils. Through this technique she achieves clean lines and a street art-feel. The works have pop-cultural reference, they explore and question the beauty industry through images of the perfect woman.Her artistic expression is reminiscent of classic paper cutting techniques with references to the Danish writer and artist H.C. Andersen and to the shadowplay of that time. See more about the artist here.

Worfgang's room - pencils and mixed on cardboard - cm100x70 - 2000euro_low

Giuditta R (IT/DE/DK)

The Italian artist, Guiditta R, depicts apparently cheerful children playing and posing as on long forgotten photographs. But somehow disturbing – there is more underneath the surfaces of twisted faces and black/white colors. The meeting with Guiditta’s works of art develops into a disturbing and yet alluring experience. Using both horror-movie aesthetics and expressionistic gravity in her search for the dark, unconscious side of human existence and how it is captured in human faces, she let her drawings become portraits of the surfacing subconscious. All visualized in a manner full of melancholy and mystery. Read more about the artist here

Maria Persson (SE/DE)
Through symbolic motifs and expressive lines and colors artist Maria Persson explores in her drawings the conflicts of our modern western society. Illustrative and with clear references to Street art is Persson able to take us with her into a world loaded with positive energy but also a critical view on our surrounding. Read more here 
Heike Arndt (DK)

Heike Arndt (DK) portrays in her artwork, both the basic emotions of humans, and the constant interpretation of nonverbal and verbal language. She offers the observer to recognize oneself.  She tries to find the key to empathy when sharing her life with people on almost all continents. “We all need a ‘home’ to identify ourselves as human beings. In order to meet others with respect, it’s crucial to understand that people have different experiences of ‘home’.”

Kurihara (JP)
The japanese multi-artist Kurihara combines Asian and European artistic languages in his art, successfully translating them into his very own expression. Kurihara investigates the human universe through lines and colours and his large-scale paintings create a vibrant energy in the room where the fine lines invite us to investigate his world closely. See more about the artist here.

We look forward to your visit at our exhibitions !

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