Opdagelser exhibition 2015/2016

Exhibition opening Kettinge: Opdagelser 2015

Exhibition opening, November 7 at 1:00 PM
Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Rågelundevej 9, 4800 Kettinge.

Anssi Hanhela (FI), Anni Rapinoja (FI), Jussi Valtakari (FI), Kari Södö (FI), Jan Pötter (DE), Martin Karcher (DE), Maja Zagórska (PL), Bryce Chisholm (US), Izolda “Bizzy” Lautner (GB), Füredi & van Lieshout (DE/NL), Casper Johansson (SE), Kurihara (JP), Yumie Yamakawa (JP)

Opdagelser 2015 brings together the best artists from this year’s exhibitions in Berlin; 14 extraordinary artistic discoveries from The Unites States, Finland, Germany, Japan, Poland, Switzerland and Sweden, who are all connected to the Northern countries and Germany.

Anssi Hanhela (FI), Anni Rapinoja (FI), Jussi Valtakari (FI) and Kari Södö (FI) work with innovative use of natural resources, their art stand side by side with street art and political statements. Discover the social criticism in the works of Jan Pötter (DE) and explore Martin Karcher’s (DE) and Maja Zagórska’s (PL) interesting versions of modern life. Bryce Chisholm (US) and Izolda ”Bizzy” Lautner (GB) present refined technical skills with influence from street art. Füredi & van Lieshout (DE/NL) and Casper Johansson (SE) comment on the values of the modern society. The experimental, colorful paintings of Kurihara (JP) and the Manga inspired drawings by Yumie Yamakawa (JP) examines human relations, including loneliness and fragility, and invite to contemplation. In the artworks the spectator is confronted with urban vibrations, poetic coloring and playful humour. It will be a journey full of surprises and discoveries – a unique opportunity to become inspired, excited and involved!

Join us! There is something for everyone in Opdagelser!
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We look forward to your visit at the exhibitions where several of the artist will be present! You are more than welcome to forward and share our invitation with other art enthusiasts!

Galleri Heike Arndt DK

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