Anssi Hanhela (FI)


Anssi Hanhela (b.1962) paints life. In his expressionism paintings vitality collides with existentialism. In northern mindscapes this is no wonder for one who follows his internal nature, the road leads to a place without other people. In the landscape, colors ring and ascendeth and eros is realized, glowing brightly.

However, in the mystical reality of nature, man is only a voyeur and mental connection, not an organic participant. The relationship between humans is originally organic and of the body, but when another person climbs on the other´s shoulders to become a
burden, it kills the possibility of organic communication.In this way, humans are only organic in relation to themselves. They are existential – beings, that feel in many ways what exists singularly and what it is to be alone.

I can see this kind of perspective in Anssi Hanhela’s paintings. Their narrative and painterliness express a similar content. At times freedom flows like breathing, although the soul has been captured in a zoo. At other times the internal urge flows inward with sharp consequences. The feeling of conflict is present. At the end, it is nature that calls and Hanhela’s images display hope and a new kind of urge to combine inner and outer nature.


Anssi Hanhela

                                      Anssi Hanhela5                                                                             Anssi Hanhela2