Scout exhibition 2023/2024

Exhibition SCOUT KETTINGE 2023/2024
Fantastic Art on Lolland Falster


Alice Morishita (JP/DE)    Casey McKee (US/DE)   Claude Jones (DE/NZ)   Clemens Gritl (DE)   David Moyer (US)   Livson (Diego Palacios) (FR/DE)   Helene Lindqvist (DE/SE)   Ismini Teligioridou (GR)   Joan Priego (ES)     Lisa Büscher (DE)   Luke Crouch (JP/AU)   Marina Skepner (DE)    Naomi Middelmann (CH) (FR)    Roberto Aarnio (SF/DE)   Sabine Dietrichkeit (DE)   Silke Michen (DE)   Silkinaite Agne Marija (LT)   Sue Ransley (UK)   Tomas Scherer (FR/SK)   Xecon Uddin (FR/BD)

About the current contemporary Art exhibition

Galerie Heike Arndt DK is pleased to present the annual SCOUT exhibition exploring new artistic positions. In the selected artworks we invite you to discover art in all its diversity. The current SCOUT exhibition invites the visitor to reflect on the present time and on man himself. We offer an insight into a poetic and urban complexity, while retaining a playful sense of humor.

Where can you find good and interesting art on Lolland and Falster – certainly with us.

What is good art?
Good art has an authentic voice, an identity and the ability to reach out and touch the viewer.
Art is carried by technical skill, emotional resonance and depth of message, and is subjective and varies from person to person.
Good art enriches our lives by challenging our perspectives, touching our emotions and engaging our minds, moving beyond aesthetics.

So drop by and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of art.

Galleri Heike Arndt DK presents these artists : 

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is held with even more artists from all over the world. Versatile expressions combined with the exquisite technique are presented here f
eaturing more than 500 artists:
Carefully selected artists express their views on contemporary challenges facing society and raising questions about our humanity. All audiences can find something personally captivating within this range of artistic expression. In addition to creating a space for reflection and inspiration, the artworks leave lasting impressions on their viewers. With over 1000 works in our inventory, there is definitely something for everyone to explore – both in Berlin Friedrichshain and in Kettinge on Lolland Falster. Most of the works you will also find in our webshop archive which we update continuously. Please take a look.


The graphics exhibition will change continuously and new exciting works will be hung up.