Silke Miche (DE)

Silke Miche (DE)
Text written by GHA

Silke Miche both lives and works in Berlin and across acrylics and oil paintings, she explores housing forms and their surrounding effects. Tall broad slabs, varying in shape and size are characterised by the absent human form. Regularly marrying proportion with a command over light and cheerful colouring, the artist demonstrates an affinity for the captivation of urban prosperity today. Dousing her canvas in a soft and warm palate, she sets out to layer her diverse structures. Representing the various facades of her buildings, the artist’s colour scheme is integral to her busy and exciting compositions.

Detailing her work with thin and intricate strokes amidst larger explosions of light contributes to her dizzy array of textures. Constructing her landscapes through a variety of perspectives offers unique angles to each viewer; with this in mind, Miche encourages the discovery of cultural identity. Diverse colours can be attributed to neighbouring blocks, forming the image of a hive built upon a multiplicity of beliefs. It would be fair to say that the artist’s manufacturing of dynamic landscapes allows for a snapshot into the celebration of culture in urban complex housing forms.

Silke Miche (DE)

The emphasis on empty space is important in understanding the overall themes within Miche’s work. By blocking out white space, attention is drawn to the chaotic nature of close-knit city housing. Much like the buildings themselves, the architecture is restricted to one specific area of the canvas, and feelings of entrapment and isolation arrive as one imagines possibly living in these places themselves. 

The German artist’s work is wholly personal; it allows her viewer the possibility to envision the lives and stories of those within her vibrant structures.

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