Ismini Teligioridou (GR)

Ismini Teligioridou (GR)
Text written by GHA

Greek Artist Ismini Teligioridou combines classical values with a whimsical contemporary touch in her watercolour artwork. She deftly blends seductive and familiar images from modern culture with traditional symbols of a bygone era; her work is undeniably distinctive. 

She creates a sense of distance and loss in her work when her subjects appear very static and almost lifeless. Her collection of half-body portraits positions members of regal monarchies or noblemen and women in opulent attire – through which she will often liberate their delicacy in color through satirical means. These proud side profiles grasp the recognisable iconography of today. Lodging a buffer inbetween, Teligioridou harnesses the rupture between rigid royalty represents and the ironical emblems in question. This artwork provokes its audience with the dilemma of what happens when these two worlds collide.

Ismini Teligioridou (GR)

The contradictions are undoubtedly the focal point of her work, when play and simplicity are emphasized through movement and light, bright and soft colors.. Anonymous faces of nobility become lost in a modern ooze, displacing bleak symbols of their personality and traditional standards. This vast contradiction, often tied together by a floral medium, is central to the artist’s vision and encourages a nuanced attention towards a stark interplay. 

Teligioridou’s artwork opens the door to ironically question the function and necessity of representatives of the past, exposing their vulnerability and immobility in bright colors and questioning their relevance for the future.

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