Clemens Gritl (DE)

Clemens Gritl (DE)
Text written by GHA

Transfixed by the vast possibilities promoted by architecture in the digital age, German three-dimensional artist Clemens Gritl binds the artificial to the objective in his utopian models. Grey-scaled and imposing, meticulous work goes into the conceptualisation of his metropolises inhabited by a distant society. While the artist offers a snapshot into the future, his urban landscapes undeniably intersect with the past— this introspection induces an audience into the stark nostalgia. Breathing fresh life into the raw aesthetic of his artworks, his work embodies the essence of brutalism whilst at times employing a cultural remodelling.

Gritl, through his emblematic communal living structures, provides a platform for contemplation on the desirability of urban development.

Recognising the role of architecture in shaping society both physically and symbolically, Gritl’s digital medium enables the transcension of physical space.

His ability to manipulate scale and lighting in digital creation reaffirms his radical subject matter.

Clemens Gritl (DE)

Sparking discussion regarding the future of urban development, the German artist’s fascination with the malleability of architecture demonstrates revolutionary social visions. His work allows his audience to conceptualise their respective impressions of societal design. A trigger for participation in architectural dialogue, this allows each person to envision his or her future.

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