Helene Lindqvist (DE/SE)

Helene Lindqvist (DE/SE)
Text written by GHA

Multidisciplinary artist Hélène Lindqvist hails from Sweden but is currently based in Germany, and works in both performing and visual arts. In colourful acrylic paintings she depicts scenes of prosaic day-to-day life in an honest yet vibrant way.

Many of Lindqvist’s paintings are beach scenes, demonstrating the joys and mundanities of summer vacation. She mostly depicts figures in swimsuits, drawing attention to unorthodox features of the human form.

Instead of focusing on perfections or ideals, she highlights inconsistencies in skin tone, everyday actions, and comfortable poses that showcase normal imperfections of the human body.

Helene Lindqvist (DE/SE)

Lindqvist’s use of colour shows ease, as she creates vibrant shapes of warm and eye-catching hues, using broad and playful brushstrokes. Her backgrounds are large swaths of bright colour, and in them she often depicts thick and bold stripes. Within her figures, she seems to prioritise form and tone over intricate detail, creating almost a blurred effect and a sense of movement and dynamism within her paintings.  Her subjects are sprawled on the ground, lounging in chairs, talking with friends, mid-thought and mid-action, as they livelily and realistically enjoy the bliss of summer holidays.

Lindqvist’s characters express intense emotion through their poses, colours, and expression, immersing the viewer in the vibrant and comfortable world of her art.

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