David Moyer (US)

David Moyer (US)
Text written by GHA

American artist David Moyer creates intricate drawings out of pen and ink, depicting multilayered and complex male portraits. Moyer uses very complex and varied linework to depict layers of human action and the nuances of the face. 

He has a minimalist approach to colour, only using black and brown ink. This explores the difference between potentiality and actuality in expression, as dark forms appear bolder and more sure of themselves while lighter ones have an afterimage effect.

Moyer is able to convey complex emotions by portraying the same portrait in multiple angles, overlapping and fighting for dominance on the page. Moyer seems to be exploring the nuances of facial expression and the potential courses of decision and action. 

David Moyer (US)

Moyer depicts skull imagery in his works, alluding to themes of the impermanence of life and the inevitable fallibility of decision-making. He also incorporates calligraphy into his pieces, adding to the sense of action within them, as if Moyer’s characters are speaking out of the page. His characters are often old men with bald and engorged skulls, making them appear capable of intense thought and philosophical comprehension of the words they speak. Moyer’s calligraphy also seems to define the shape of the drawings, adding depth to their multidimensional form. 

Moyer’s delicate illustrations encourage the viewer to think about the possibilities of expression and the function of words as an element in the visual arts.

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