Livson (FR)

Livson (FR)
Text written by GHA

French artist Livson’s work involves the play of light, shadow and transparency creating an abstract reality. The artist uses cool hues and visual glitch effects to rethink traditional visual images and compositions, bringing them into a new age.

Oil lends to creating the pixelated effect, easy to blend yet thick in texture, allowing Livson to form an image that appears digitised as one questions whether this is painted or not. Merging different images, he often combines the element of classical painting with a modern approach. Livson comments on the influence of modern technology. The pixels contrast with the long-established art styles, effectively displaying a shift from tradition to the new digital age. The viewer gains a sense of reflection by discovering the manipulation of these works, as we are witness to a reconstruction of the past.


Image displacement draws attention to Livson’s work and creates a feeling of temporal dissonance. The artist uses visual glitches and blurring techniques to obscure the boundaries between real and surreal, creating a “blurred reality” effect. This induces a sense of unpredictability, where images and compositions once familiar to the eyes become distorted and rearranged. ​​This evokes a feeling of disruption of expected order and logic. Livson’s use of cool colours intensifies this effect, giving his paintings an air of mystical uncertainty. The colours emphasise the dramatic power of each image, staining them with the permafrost shades of eternity and creating a contrast between reality and fantasy.

Travelling through Livson’s works, the viewer becomes aware of how initially established associations and perceptions are dissolved and an abstract reality is created.

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