Alice Morishita (JP)

Alice Morishita (JP)
Text written by GHA

Japanese artist Alice Morishita is currently based in Berlin, and uses interesting media, such as coffee, embroidery, ink, paint, and charcoal, to create intriguing and dynamic paintings. The techniques she uses differ widely as well, as her paintings combine seemingly erratic splashes of colour with bold lines and intriguing detail. Her paintings are composed of transformative and twisting bodies, made up of these distinct components but blended seamlessly together. 

Morishita creates realistic human limbs out of individual dots, emerging from brush strokes, splashes of colour, or simple lines.

The human components of her artwork focus on hands and feet, implying a capability of action and movement.

These composites of limbs and colour interact with nature as well— Morishita includes realistic and detailed plant leaves growing and sprouting out of her creatures, giving the piece a three-dimensional feel and adding to the sense of motion and transformation in her work. 

Alice Morishita (JP)

Morishita’s works imply a unity between very different components, creating thereby more interesting and powerful compositions. The movement and ambiguity of her artwork encourage an individual experience when viewing her paintings. Her layered abstract shapes paired with intricate hints of human form and recognizable objects emphasise subjectivity, provoking each viewer to pick up on different details and form unique perceptions about her work.

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