Silkinaite Agne Marija (LT)

Silkinaite Agne Marija (LT)
Text written by GHA

Lithuanian artist Agne Maria Silkinaite creates delicate dream worlds using a warm colour palette. Her artworks shimmer with lightness and weightlessness, as if they themselves soar into the heavens. With the use of tempera on solid cardboard, she creates a special texture that gives the works a tangible feel and a sense of depth. Every brushstroke used in her work infuses each detail with a unique life and imbues objects with vitality.

Silkinaite’s paintings are grounded in reality, yet they are far from mundane. They evoke a sense of magic, inviting us to take the plunge into the mystery of our own dreams.

Through her vibrant compositions, Silkinaite invites us to explore the limitless expanse of imagination while remaining connected to the eternal longing for freedom.

Silkinaite Agne Marija (LT)

These works are rich with a tactile feeling of childhood wonder. There is an endearing, universal appeal offered by an overarching theme of yearning for adventure. In this particular series a recurring motif of model airplanes provides a sentimental touch, igniting the unlimited possibilities associated with flight and the sky. The sepia colour palette evokes a nostalgia for a particular place and time. The use of negative space in the backdrop of an overcast sky serves to make the world appear endless, without limits. There is a sense that this place is not necessarily a true recollection of the artist’s past, but a metaphor for the vastness of the world as viewed by a child.

Each painting serves as a beacon of inspiration, opening the viewer up to a personal journey of discovery and introspection, enveloped in a soaring atmosphere of dreams.

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