Joan Priego (ES)

Joan Priego (ES)
Text written by GHA

Spanish wood sculptor Joan Priego takes a visceral interest in the portrayal of human conditioning and its body language. Turning exclusively to wood, a demonstration of the intimate connection between the artist and his vivid medium is made. 

The regenerative facets of wood strongly ties to the life cycle and are visualized through these figurative works.

Here, the artist conceives an organic and rustic subject whose expression is one of imperfection and fragmentation. The irregularities of life find their formal language.

The beauty found in asymmetries are at the heart of Priego’s vision, summoning his viewer to engage with them. 

Joan Priego

The unfiltered display of a contorted face is undeniably provocative, not to mention the unfastened demonstration of an exposed, raw, lower torso. In this sense, Priego examines our tolerance for the visceral and uncomforting. It is through this discomfort that the artist achieves his purpose; sparking a dialogue about the intricacies of our existence and the delicate balance between the corporeal and the emotional. The distinct shape and unusual pose on show creates a tangible and instinctive encounter that deeply connects with observers on a personal level. 

His artwork forms the basis for an intrusive and uncomfortable aesthetic which pushes the mind into a dark corner. An abstract exploration of imperfection is central here; bold details in carving and unfiltered technicalities contribute to the emotional impact of the work. A combination of the sculptures’ vulnerability and irregularity compels one’s self-reflection.

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