Sue Ransley (GB)

Sue Ransley (GB)
Text written by GHA

British artist Sue Ransley’s brightly vibrant oil paintings capture dynamic and often mundane moments of people on holiday. Her use of oils and expressive brush strokes creates a snapshot of everyday life. 

Warm tones contrasted with bold coloured backgrounds radiate the heat of a pleasant day, whilst the blurred paint application adds a form of summer haze to the works. Using darker tones, Ransley highlights the figures calling attention to the interactions between. As the focal point of the paintings, Ransley Captures the beauty in human moments and reminds one to appreciate the simplicity in everyday tasks. From reading to applying suncream, Ransley reflects human connection with moments of calm and joy within her paintings. Often depicting sunbathers or couples, Ransley explores these interactions; whether this be a simple conversation or an act of physical affection, the paintings emit happiness and relatability.

Sue Ransley (GB)

By using bright colours, one becomes instantly drawn to the paintings. The audience feels invited in, sharing a moment with the subjects. A pleasurable viewing experience is created that characterises the happiness of summer.The work’s intensity combined with the purity of the compositions allows the viewer to wander in thought and forget about normal life.

In her paintings, Sue offers the viewer the opportunity to reflect upon personal memories and relive the comforting atmosphere of holidays and summer bliss.


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