Tomas Scherer (SK)

Tomas Scherer (SK)
Text written by GHA

Mysterious and beguiling two-toned figurative drawings with minimal gold splashes create an effect of depth and space in the works of French artist Tomas Scherer. His work features practically inverted and undoubtedly distant subjects. Inducing the feeling of mystery, his art fades into oblivion and leads one to wonder about their meaning, akin to a riddle needing solving.

The images of whimsical and sometimes bizarre figures that are anchored within Scherer’s universe evoke a sense of illusion and transcendental atmosphere, making the viewer wonder what stories inspired the scenes and what events have happened to these characters.

Despite the feeling of tranquillity and calmness created, as the drawings are executed in soft tones and have a harmonious composition, the works can elicit a multitude of emotions such as surprise, interest, and even fear.

Tomas Scherer (SK)

The enchanting allure of his creations lies not only in their aesthetic appeal but also in their power to stir the human psyche, awakening a wide range of sentiments that dwell within the human experience.

Scherer’s drawings are propagated by memories which can become distorted, presenting only bright flashes. Metaphorical and sensitive, they invite a viewer for a game of consciousness, within which images of reality warp and fade. 

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