Roberto Aarnio (DE/FI)

Roberto Aarnio (DE/FI)
Text written by GHA

Finnish artist Roberto Aarnio is based in Berlin and uses acrylic paint on canvas to create colourful and fun paintings which depict the simple complexities of mundane moments. Aarnio’s technique involves creating backgrounds almost entirely from small rectangular points, adding texture and visual intrigue to these seemingly trivial scenes. This technique is clearly tied to Aarnio’s background in digital media, as both are made up of pixels of colour that together create an interesting and unique image.

His colours are vibrant yet gentle, pairing pastels with primary colours and earthy tones, demonstrating the dynamic nature of human interaction.

He uses long, drawn out brushstrokes to bring life to the people in his paintings, adding a sense of movement and continuity as well as a contrast to the pointillism of the background.

Although abstract, the human form remains distinctly recognisable and expressive of thought and emotion.

Roberto Aarnio (DE/FI)

Aarnio’s depiction of everyday scenarios are candid, portraying silly conversations between friends, embarrassing midnight snack runs, and the restlessness of waiting for trains. Young and old, stylish or sloppy, calm or energetic— he is entirely honest with his depictions of his subjects. Aarnio draws attention to details that we may not spend much time thinking about, allowing the audience to consider the importance of the little things in life.

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