Sabine Dietrichkeit (DE)

Sabine Dietrichkeit (DE)
Text written by GHA

German sculptor Sabine Dietrichkeit orbits her creative licence around the turbulent interplay between shape and colour in her stoneware objects. Central to her vision, the artist turns to clay— a versatile medium which best appropriates her sensual and tactile forms. Their composition is varied yet often holistic, whereby thick, and tough exteriors broadly mould within playful and bright structures  – eliciting the theme of nostalgia. Such command over colour is unyielding— often transpiring an aesthetic of familiarity and self-assurance within its spectator. This carefree sentiment is often transported through quirky danglings and soft spherical forms.

Dietrichkeit’s work will often incorporate vast spaces through hollow spheres as well as scrawny fixtures, twisted into irregular positions.

These round profiles project an air of comfort and softness, while a synchronised dot pattern invites a sensory appeal to the work’s organisation.

The undeniable rhythm of her work provides a certain dynamism between the carefully selected components, ultimately making for a fluid arrangement across a spectrum of colours and shapes.

Sabine Dietrichkeit (DE)

A visually enchanting journey is created as Dietrichkeit’s dynamic shapes twist and play together, engaging the audience in reminiscence of childhood fun and frivolity.

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