Stella Arion (GB)

Stella Arion (GB)
Text written by GHA

“In Stella Arion’s abstract ceramic sculptures, various materials such as porcelain, volcanic glazes, boro glass, resin, natural stone and copper merge harmoniously into an organic whole. The sculptures in muted tones suggest movement and vitality and defy gravity in their outward expansion.”

British ceramicist Stella Arion creates symphonies of  distinctive organic-looking ceramic objects using a wide range of materials including porcelain, glass and stone. Each of her ceramic sculptures are characterized by earthy tones reminiscent of nature and demonstrates her ability to fuse disparate elements into a harmonious and enchanting whole. Her artistic identity is based on bold experimentation, combining materials in unexpected ways to create sculptures that defy clear categorization. These creations present a multidimensional complexity that transports the viewer to the raw beauty of natural landscapes such as rocky mountains or even coral reefs.

Stella Arion (GB)

Her works are dynamic puzzles that invite the viewer to unravel their intricate details. The subtle color palette and multi-layered surfaces of these works balance one another, seeming both familiar and otherworldly. On closer inspection, one learns to appreciate the beauty of complexity and the unexpected, and is surprised by the possibilities of the materials used. The unconventional materials and forms, the coarse and the fine harmonized and interwoven, constantly open up new visual experiences and are reminiscent of parts of underwater worlds.
In Arion’s hands, ceramics become a medium of storytelling, weaving fragments of nature and her craftsmanship into a unique narrative. Her works celebrate the materiality of unifying disparate materials and demand unreserved curiosity and imagination from the viewer.

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