Nicole Pietrantoni (US)

Nicole Pietrantoni (US)
Text written by GHA

“Nicole Pietrantoni, the Spain-based American print artist, pushes the boundaries of printmaking with her vibrant and dynamic wall sculptures. Beyond her bold use of abstract color patterns, Pietrantoni integrates multiple geometric forms and manipulates surfaces, spaces, and dimensions. Infusing a three-dimensional quality into print art she revitalizes the medium.”

Nicole Pietrantoni utilizes inkjet printing on coso paper to create wall sculptures with vertical cutouts containing  colour patterns. Occasionally positioned side by side, these different fragments converge to form a cohesive and colorful ensemble, creating a big and vibrant optical illusion when viewed from a distance. Through utilizing geometric forms, she encourages viewers to engage with the artwork from different angles, transitioning between focusing on the patterns within each individual segment and also appreciating the collective ensemble. This interplay between micro and macro perspectives injects depth into the artwork, enriching viewer engagement.

Nicole Pietrantoni (US)

In her series ‘Still Life with Cut Outs’, Pietrantoni further experiments with perception by transforming her characteristic cutouts into an accordion shape. When displayed on a white wall, they cast colorful shadows that frame the sculpture and seamlessly integrate the surrounding space into the artwork. This effect enhances the artwork as a whole, with the exhibition space becoming a co-protagonist in its narrative. Surpassing the limitations of two-dimensional print art, these three-dimensional forms extend towards the viewer, projecting outwards from the wall and captivating attention. They interact dynamically with the exhibition space, blurring boundaries between artwork and environment. Pietrantoni’s exploration transcends traditional two-dimensional print art, offering a form that combines spatial interaction and visual aesthetics in equal measure.

Pietrantoni’s work can be appreciated on multiple levels: the individual motifs, the cohesive whole, and the interplay between two-dimensional color motifs and three-dimensional forms. This fusion of the exhibition space and the artwork itself invites viewers to delve deeper, sparking a sense of fascination to not only observe but also actively engage and experiment with this unique art medium in novel ways.

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