Susanne Maria Wolf (NL)

Text written by GHA

“The work of Dutch artist Susanne Maria Wolf combines pencil drawing and watercolour surfaces with textural and tactical elements. Her small-scale portraits are charged with emotion and ambiguity, immediately locking eyes with the observer.”

The surface of the image appears as if worn out, exasperated both symbolically and materially. The subjects are deprived of personal traits and framed almost uncomfortably close-up. They transmit a feeling of confinement, restraint and almost palpable anguish. Material elements covering surfaces of the drawing suggest that there is something to uncover beneath the hopelessness. 

The artist works with the plasticity of the image in order to bring the subject’s emotions to the surface.

Susanne Maria Wolf

The viewer bears witness to a disappearing and scattered identity that alludes to the challenges, both individual and collective, found in modern day society. The lightness of the colour scale contrasts the weight of the portrayed emotions, thus making Wolf’s work an intriguingly suggestive and powerful expression and critique of present times.
In her series ‘The Mask’, the viewer gazes at monochrome figures whose facial features are concealed by balaclava-like masks. Broad, round heads sit on petite bodies, suggesting that the protagonists have not yet grown into their facial features. The figures are not supported by the background; the empty void offers no clues as to time or place. The bodies appear exposed and vulnerable; the characteristic body language with the touching knees and the small hands supporting the head is open to the viewer’s personal interpretation.


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