Section B Maxi Print 2019 Application EN

Section B “MAXI”*

  • Size of the print (including signature): more than 60 x 80(min)
  • Size of the paper: more than 70cm x 90 cm(min)
  • Size of paper: 200 x 300 cm (max)
  • Each artist can submit 6 prints max

*Please be aware that our concept is not “the bigger the better”. The quality of a print is not defined by its size – the size is just one of many qualities that makes a good print. And a good print can either be small or big.

Techniques accepted:
We only accept multiples prints.
Lithograph, Woodcut, Etching, Drypoint, Linocut, and similar graphics techniques
No monoprints or inkjet prints,digital prints or photo-based images.

Form for “MAXI” application here:

Maxi Print Application Form


Artwork Uploading

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Additional Information


If you have uploaded the application form successfully, you will receive a mail from 2-5 minutes after the submission!