Adam Lipman (PL)

Adam Lipman (PL)
Text written by GHA

Polish artist Adam Lipman captivates the viewer with his colourful abstract screen prints, where the dimensional motifs enter into a lively dialogue with their background.

Lipman’s prints differ in their colour palette, using pastels and bright bubblegum colours in one work and harmoniously combining deep reds and purples in the next, playing with the differences between light and dark, warm and cool colours to create a dynamic image on a grainy surface.

The combination of these tones and the surreal scenarios provide a playful psychedelic essence to the prints.

Adam Lipman (PL)

The abstract motifs have a strange dimensionality, as if they were living beings mysteriously connected to their surroundings. This dimensionality breathes life into each composition and gives it a fascinating sense of movement. The viewer gets a pictorial impression of how the subjects would move in space. An implied horizon enhances the sense of perspective in the prints and delineates the imaginary landscape from a swirling sky. Space transcends what is captured in the image detail, suggesting a colourful journey waiting to be explored.
The viewer is invited to enter a surreal realm of colour and movement, where the vivid motifs challenge the limits of the imagination.

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