Agnieszka Lech-Bińczycka (PL)

Text/Translation GHA

Agnieszka Lech-Bińczycka is a polish graphic artist who is known for her large intaglios, with almost monumental characters. Apart from that she is a teacher at the University of Rzeszow.

In her art, Lech-Bińczycka concentrates on the representation of the female body. The monochromatic bodies pictured in her prints transmit the sense of defenselessness and exposure. Surrounded by routine-based items, the figures appear to the viewer fragile and natural.The artist explores womanhood through the process of introspection. When listening to herself, she reveals female’s everyday rituals, introducing the viewer to the sacred universe of femininity. Her artistic vision revolves around these topics – often she shows the body together with chosen elements placed – such as a typically feminine wardrobe, that is placed in a undefined space.

Another major topic that is present in Lech-Bińczycka’s graphics is melancholy. The artist works exclusively with black and white colour, that leads to creation of a somehow cinematique atmosphere. Using intaglio and playing with subtle shadows, she empowers the melancholic mood highlighted in her artworks.



Agnieszka Lech-Bińczycka


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