Alejandro Pascual (ES)

Text written by GHA

Through his figurative drawings, Alejandro Pascual captures glimpses of everyday life

He poetically portrays the warm atmosphere, familiar sceneries and hot summer days, rich in colour and sunlight.

The Spanish artist works with coloured pencils to present complex compositions on small formats.

The chosen medium allows him to work with strong lines combined with overlapping surfaces.

The outlines of the figures are playful and show strong gestures, resembling an illustrative approach.

Alejandro Pascual

The perspective in his works is often distorted and aligned with the artist’s own subjective view, attributing to the atmosphere of each piece. 
Pascual seems to be drawing from both observation and memory, combining the two in a sensitive and intuitive manner.
The symbolic and evocative qualities of colours are a recurring element in his pieces and can be found covering large surfaces, intersecting and forming in patterns.
He transmits his personal view onto the depicted places and objects, rendering his works highly expressive and refreshingly eloquent.



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