Aliaksandr Kanavalau (PL)

Text/Translation GHA

A sense of naïve joy evolves from Aliaksandr Kanavalau’s art. The vivid colours and surreal characters of his works call up the inner child that we all have.

Kanavalau got tired of the academic education, attending an artistic school for talented children in Belarus. He wanted to change direction and decided to explore other fields such as animation and advertising. There he found new tools to be used for his latest graphic works.

A sense of naïve joy evolves from his works, reminding us that simplicity offers a way to reach authenticity and to express complex notions.

Despite the lightness of his work, a deeper layer of meaning formed by irony and social criticism can be found. This combination offers the audience to get easily involved with his art.

Aliaksandr Kanavalau


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