Barbara Komaniecka (PL)

Text/Translation GHA

A nostalgic atmosphere impregnates Komaniecka’s prints. Greyish figures embody the fugacity of life while a spark of a magical spirit remind us of the beauty of innocence.

Barbara Komaniecka’s etchings embrace the fugacity of life when placing  animals on a neutral background – giving the figure all attention. The artist’s reighter small and expressive creatures seem to look straight at the viewers in order to invite them to come closer and discover them behind their hidden innocent looks. 

Under the gloomy layer firstly perceivable, a spark of magical spirit hints to naive beauty and innocence. The black and white images present accurate and strongly detailed animals posing in a waiting position. Komaniecka’s prints spark memories, acting like illustrations of long forgotten books, depictions of an unknown narrative to be found. 

Barbara Komaniecka


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